Looking for the Next Mohammed Atta

Perusing this week’s headlines, it’s obvious we’re back to a pre-9/11 mentality here in America. The Bergen Record has reported that the intelligence unit of the N.Y.P.D. conducted undercover operations in mosques in Newark, Paterson, and other cities, and had undercover at agents stationed at Rutgers University in Newark and New Brunswick.

Although organizations like CAIR and the ACLU are looking to sue the N.Y.P.D. for violation of American Muslim’s civil rights, the N.Y.P.D’s actions were, in fact, perfectly legal. According to the newspaper’s report, former N.J. Governor Richard Codey signed executive orders in 2005 giving the N.Y.D. legal authority to operate in New Jersey in limited circumstances with having to notify state or local authorities.

Former Gov. Thomas Kean, a member of the 9/11 Commission, accused the N.Y.P.D. of going on a “fishing expedition.” “You have to have reasonable grounds and suspicion to spy on people. We don’t like that in this country unless there is a good reason.”

Such as Iran’s recent threats to plow up synagogues and buildings in New York City, for which New York was placed on high alert. The Bergen Record admitted that “while it’s customary for out-of-area investigators to notify local authorities of their presence, it is not required.”

While Muslim organizations and civil liberties groups are upset, and Gov. Christie is worried about all those Muslim voters, particularly in south Paterson, Newark, and Jersey City, the Passaic County prosecutors office is less circumspect. Passaic County inadvertently played host to Mohammed Atta and other terrorists while he was preparing to carry out the 9/11 attacks. The prospect of yet another Mohammed Atta taking up residence in a New Jersey hotel, traveling up and down Rt. 23, visiting William Paterson University’s library, and being noticed by half the population of that area, yet unable to do anything about him, is unsettling to the Passaic County authorities.

Having the N.Y.P.D. come in and scope out the next Mohammed Atta relieves Passaic County of the onerous task and the attending unpopularity among Liberals and Moderates, criticism by the Media, and potential lawsuits by organizations with a vested interested in protecting their terrorist-oriented clientele.

Modest shopkeepers and the rarefied atmosphere of Liberal colleges provide a decent, sanctified cover for terrorists bent on murder and mayhem. From the outside, colleges look very innocent, whose purpose is higher education. A tour of any college’s student center tells a different story. Their bulletin boards are filled with invitations to meetings by the most notorious, anti-freedom organizations.

Some of us actually saw Mohammed Atta in his daily travels. Witnesses saw him at diners and gas stations. There was no mistaking him and once he’d committed the act of destroying one of the Twin Towers and his picture was published, there was no doubt he was the same man. Recognition came too late, though, for those were injured or perished in the Towers, the Pentagon and out in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Laughably, the Bergen Record attributed to Salim Patel, a founding member of Rutger’s Muslim Alumni Association, which is starting an online petition against the N.Y.P.D.s‘ surveillance, and the Passaic Board of Education, that universities should be “safe” for Muslim students.

The North Carolina school which Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was “safe” enough apparently. The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were not safe enough. Some experts say all the fireproofing in the world would not have protected it from the heat of the ensuing fire which engulfed the North Tower after Mohammed Atta plowed a 737 jet through it. The fire was ignited at the North Carolina college and left to smolder until it exploded on September 11, 2001.

The N.Y.P.D. need make no apologies for sniffing out these future “arsonists” nor make any apologies for not informing authorities in the thoroughly untrustworthy state of New Jersey, which is far more concerned with the civil rights of Muslim terrorists, guaranteed by the Civil Rights Act of 1964/65, than the right to life guaranteed by the Declaration of Independence.

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