Friends Don’t Let Friends Vote Socialist

Nosey as Americans are, privacy is a big deal to them, at least out in the suburbs.  We’re very polite.  We don’t ask about their health, their jobs, their religion, or their politics.  But as Obama “transforms” America, good manners will be extinct as the word “lady.”

“Don’t Tread on Me” reads the Gadsden Flag.  By voting for Progressive and Liberal senators like Menendez and Lautenberg in New Jersey, our Liberal neighbors are openly breaking that pact.  They think it is their business what doctor we visit, what we eat, how much we make, what we spend our money on, how much we save, where and how we worship, and how much we should “donate” to the government under the false auspices of charity.

At last night’s North Jersey Regional Tea Party meeting, Americans for Prosperity was on hand with their annual Taxpayer Scorecard for New Jersey’s 214thLegislative Session (2010-2011).  The first page is the individual legislators’ record for each bill used in the scorecard (which you can view at  If you’re from another state, you can substitute the name of your state at the end and see how your state legislators rank.

Amendment XVII of the U.S. Constitution allowed for U.S. Senators to be elected “democratically”,by popular vote, instead of by the state legislatures.  In New Jersey, it wouldn’t make much difference.

In AFP’s ranking, only one senator – Michael Doherty (R-23) – earned the “Taxpayer Heroes” status.  One with a grade rating of A.  Doherty is followed by two “Defenders of the Taxpayer”:  Steven V. Oroho (R-24) and Gerald Cardinale (R-39).  They get a grade of B.  The 37 remaining State Senators were ranking “Taxpayer Neutral” (C), “Taxpayer Foes” (D), of which there were four, and the remaining 33, “Taxpayer Zeroes.”

Three versus 37.  No wonder Gov. Christie said at the Monmouth County Town Hall meeting that if we wanted him to prevent legislation like the N.J. Residential Foreclosure Transformation Act from passing, send him a better legislature.

The N.J. Assembly showed a little more integrity. Five Assemblymen were rated as “Taxpayer Heroes”:  Pat Delany (R-08); John DiMaio (R-23); Erik Peterson (R-23); Michael Patrick Carroll (R-25); and Alison Littell McHose (R-24).

They were followed by 13 “Defenders of the Taxpayers”, one of whom, sadly, is deceased (Alex DeCroce).  Among these good guys are Jay Webber, Scott T. Rumana, and Anthony Bucco (who advised that if you want to change the legislators’ minds, change the people’s minds first).

Unfortunately, our valiant Assemblymen and woman are vastly outnumbered by legislators who are all too happy to rob us of our lifestyles, liberty, pursuit of happiness, jobs, and property.  Here are the stats on the New Jersey statists:

Taxpayer Neutral – 15

Taxpayer Foes – 2

Taxpayer Zeroes – 43

Sixty Liberals.  This is what comes of redistricting and redrawing voting maps that look like Rorschach tests.  The young people don’t want to listen because it’s not cool or they don’t want to take on their vicious, Liberal neighbors.  Threaten to write them out of your wills if you must, do what you have to, but make them listen.  Get involved, get on the phone, and get in their faces.  Give them copies of the wording to battle the N.J. State Development and Redevelopment Plan and the N.J. Residential Foreclosure Transformation Act.

The experts say calling is better than e-mailing. Doing both is better than doing nothing at all.  Be prepared to make your case beyond the suggested wording.  Google these two pieces of legislation and read for yourself. Once you get the gist of what’s going on, you’ll have no trouble finding the words to tell the government how you feel about having your property taken away from you and your neighborhoods turned into slums.

You can call Governor Christie at 609-292-6000


Email Governor Christie at, select “Economic Growth” as Topic then “Small Business” as subtopic, and proceed.

Suggested wording for NJ State Development and Redevelopment Plan:

Governor Christie, The NJ State Development and Redevelopment Plan accelerates the transfer of taxpayer dollars from suburban and rural taxpayers to urban areas, does not explicitly protect citizens’ property rights, encroaches on local autonomy and targets economic growth/jobs to urban areas. Only 6 public hearings were held for 21 NJ counties. I request that more public hearings are held, at least 3 per county, so citizens can learn about and comment on a Plan that significantly impacts them. Thank you.

Suggested wording for NJ Residential Foreclosure Transformation Act:

Governor Christie, I request that you veto the NJ Residential Foreclosure Transformation Act if it reaches your desk. By allowing the State to purchase foreclosed houses in any NJ town and deed restrict them to low income/special needs housing for 30 years, this Act will transform our neighborhoods, encroach on local decision making, increase homeowner taxes and reduce property values. Thank you.


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