Nothing to See Here

The networks’ six p.m. coverage of the Occupy Wall Street protests last night was so brief that if you blinked, you’d miss it. There was only time for CBS, the Communist Broadcasting System.  Their Hispanic reporter, Pablo Guzman, was out there marching along with them.  He reported that it was just an all-American event, oh-so-peaceful, just families marching for their rights.

Things were relatively calm in New York City. There was some minor violence but nothing to disturb the networks. Los Angeles and Seattle were a different story where, according to The Blaze, a “YouTube purporting to be of a May Day march in Los Angeles shows a protester walking up behind what appears to be a female officer and slamming her head with a drum. That sends the officer stumbling forward, and before she can regain her composure, the assailant runs off.  The LA times reports that a female officer was struck in the head with a skateboard and taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. It’s unclear if this is the same incident and the attack weapons are simply confused, or if this is a separate attack.”

Their own threats of violence on May Day put local law enforcement and Conservative media on the alert.  The threat they posed this time, however, was more insidious. In any case, the New York media was able to report that it was nothing but a big, happy parade of peaceful civilians exercising their rights and there was no need for all the hoopla by the Conservatives.  At least not here in New York.

As we know, had the Tea Parties been out there, the Media would have portrayed an even more peaceful rally as racist, divisive and hate-filled, which is why the Tea Parties have gone underground, although I don’t agree with them.

The Progressives, like my neighbor, are staking out their territory, engaging in smear campaigns, and taking advantage of the free and favorable media coverage they receive.  It’s a hard fight and we’re the underdogs, but that doesn’t mean we have to run up the white flag, even if we lose some battles.

I lost the battle of the birdfeeder last night when a baby possum showed up to partake of the bird seed.  The Tattooed Lady started yelling and screaming that there was a rat, thanks to my “god-damned”birdfeeder.  She even pointed it out to a passing neighbor and took a picture of the poor creature shaking under my car.  By this time, I’d come to the window.  The passing neighbor gave me a dirty, disgusted look.  This woman knows perfectly well it was a possum, not a rat, but the neighbor didn’t.  The creatures came from the river by way of the nearby garbage dump.  What’s more, possums are not aggressive; even if her dog managed to catch it (and if the dog weren’t running loose, it wouldn’t be in any “danger”), possums don’t fight back; they play dead.  So that’s what I have to do.

In any case, she was threatening to call the police, so I decided discretion was the better part of valor until I could talk to the condominium management.  We want this to be about her and the fact that her dog is still running loose, she’s got garbage cans and all kinds of junk all over the common area, and that she’s still ruining the unit with her smoking.  We don’t want anything to distract from the fact that this battle is about her.

Still, it’s very sad.  I’ve had the birdfeeder for 16 years and it’s never been a problem. We suspect this woman may be rental rat. Landlords, in a bad housing market, will plant a disruptive tenant in a turnkey condominium complex like this one in order to either drive the surrounding tenants out or mount a smear campaign to get the targeted owner kicked out.  It’s rare, but the association can “vote”an owner out of their unit.

Many condo owners across the country suffer from this same fate, and for less cause than a birdfeeder.  They’re targeted for flags, barbecues, patio furniture, and numerous false complaints.  My older brother, who’s a facilities manager, didn’t believe me when I told him.   He said it all sounded Orwellian and couldn’t believe it’s communal living or communism, but it is.  The other owners and I only own our units, not the property, and enough of a collective of other owners can vote to force a targeted owner to sell.

Things were not always this way.  When I first moved here, they didn’t allow people to move in and then rent out their units.  They didn’t allow anything out in the common areas, but in trying to accommodate residents so that it didn’t feel like they were warehoused in a prison, the association relaxed some of the rules.  At least for some of the people.  This is the result.

The fate we face now and have been facing these 16 years will be everyone’s fate if Agenda 21 is implemented and people are herded into condominium apartments and townhouses.  This is what will happen to them – to all of you – if you don’t stand up against this Progressive agenda.

I was very sad last night and asked God why He took my birds away.  I’m sorry to say, I don’t have many friends or at least much of a social life.  The birds at the feeder were a source of happiness for me.  Never let the Devil know what makes you happy.  Anyway, God said that it wasn’t about the birds; it’s about the money and trying to force owners out, and that it was also so I would send the message out to all of you to beware of Agenda 21 and Occupy Wall Street.

This woman practically has me imprisoned in my own unit (and isn’t through yet).  Like OWS, she’s sneaky and cunning.  She had the gall to tell one of the other neighbors that I’m the one “intimidating” her and that now that I’m home all the time, she can’t “do” anything (like let her dog run loose or destroy the grass).   I haven’t gone quietly into that good night, however.  Being a professional photographer has its advantage and I just added an inexpensive security camera to my arsenal.

So don’t let these people trick, intimidate, or bully you into silence or despair.  No matter what they do, you must not give up.  They are the Wicked Percent, and they will get their come-uppance.






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