The Silent Treatment

Observers watching the Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Show from Fort Hamilton, on the Jersey side of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, report that KSM and his co-defendants gave the military tribunal the silent treatment for eight hours.  The viewing was by invitation only via a closed television broadcast.


Among their other antics, the defendants climbed on their courtroom tables and prayed to Mecca.  They refused to enter pleas when asked, took off their translation earphones, and would not even respond to questions from an Arab translator brought in for the purpose.


Their refusal to participate (cooperate is a ridiculous word to use in this case) delayed the proceedings into the nighttime hours.  One of their attorneys is a woman who requested of the court that all women in the courtroom be required to wear head coverings so the defendants would not be defiled by gazing upon the bare-headed Western women.  The judge apparently declined the request.


The ever-theatrical KSM certainly missed his calling as a comedian.  There could be little opportunity in the serious-as-a-heart-attack, humorless Arab world for a clown like KSM so he had to come to America.  Instead of being aboard one of those airliners, which would have, if nothing else, at least deprived us of his odious presence, he ran off and watched 9/11 on television.


Obama and Eric Holder were committed to giving him a “fair trial” and a public stage.  The American public, particularly those in the New York City area, clamored against such a mockery and the trial remained at Guantanamo, where it belongs.


According to The Bergen Record, relatively few relatives or victims attended this screening.  They said that they’ve had enough and moved on.  Only a handful went, in order to ensure that justice is done on behalf of all the 9/11 victims.  They are a brave group who volunteer to endure KSM’s cruel raillery.  It’s a disgusting job but someone must do it.


The defendants no doubt are giving the court the silent treatment a) to disrupt the proceedings as much as possible, and b) to register their anger at no receiving a public trial where they could grandstand and espouse their violent cause against the West.  Once he discovers that he at least has an audience via word-of-mouth, KSM will mount the stage once more to perform for the Arab world.


Few people have actually witnessed a live KSM performance.  It is said that to be in his presence is enough to make you shiver with horror, as the hairs on your arms stand on end and you feel a rock plummet into your stomach. His brand of evil is palpable.


The defendants’ attorneys actually had the chutzpah to question the judge’s credentials to try the case.  He was chided for reading “The Black Banners: The Inside Story of 9/11 and the War Against Al-Qaeda.”  Did you know that non-Muslims are discouraged from reading The Koran?  You’re supposed to be a member of “the club,” at least from the radical Islam perspective.  Moderate Muslims are said to welcome curiosity about their religion.


Reports say that the trial could last at least a year or more.  God forbid. The sooner this noxious, tiresome man, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, is permanently silenced, the better.




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