Gay Marriage – A Binomial Nightmare

Oh, to be young again.  Oh to be in 1973 again, just starting high school and given the opportunity to get straight with algebra and higher mathematics.  Oh, to be in 1973 again when Society understood that marriage was meant to be between a man and a woman.  Our consciences had been raised enough to be tolerant of homosexual people but not so tolerant that we undermined the foundation of our society – marriage.

The Feminist and Gay Liberation movements did exactly that.  The divorce rate – never very good to begin with – soared.   Families began mixing in nightmarish configurations.  Marriages became a decadaemon of higher mathematical proportions.  Obama’s public avowal yesterday of gay marriage just complicated the nightmare.

My quest to pass the GRE math portion decently, without the humiliation, has been a struggle.  The problem is binomials and polynomials.  These equations deal with a tectonic shiftings of numbers and variables across the equal sign.  Achieving equality becomes more and more of a strain the higher up the mathematical ladder you go.

You can add variables, as long as they’re of the same type – a’s can be added to a’s, and b’s to b’s.  A’s can’t be added to c’s though, nor c’s to d’s.  In the same way, blood types must be compatible.  By that mathematical logical, people of the same sex could be joined, but people of different sexes could not.

The union comes not in addition, but in multiplication.  There, similar variables can be multiplied, but they only produce a higher power; there is no product.   Whereas a can be joined to be, resulting in a x b = ab.  This ab can be then be multiplied by a constant – 2(ab) – 2ab. Or is that 2ab to the second power? Anyway, you can multiply a constant by a single variable – 2(b) and get 2b.  But that’s all you’ll keep getting if you only add or multiply b’s.

Gay marriages cannot naturally produce progeny. They can do so through artificial means but it would be an artificial product of an unnatural union – two parts that don’t naturally join.  Nature, on the whole, did not mean for similar parts to join.  Such unions would be impossible, or considered an aberration in the natural world.

The problem comes down to legally recognizing what is an unnatural union.  People probably wouldn’t care if homosexuals found a willing clergy to marry them. Having a license to marry, though, means they can litigate an unwilling clergy to perform the marriage ceremony. Businesses and churches will further be required to legally recognize something a higher authority tells them is wrong.

When society has a true higher authority and a legal higher authority at variance over what is right and what is wrong, the world is in big trouble.   Mercy is one thing; forcing society to accept an institution incompatible with morality is mendacious.  Man was not meant to decide for himself what is right and wrong.  Man goes astray, even when trying to do something right. It is for God to judge and to condemn or forgive.  God will judge severely those who intimidate the meek into rejecting what is right and paying homage to what is wrong, and He will do it soon.

You do the math.


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