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So, what will it be, Americans?  Would you like other companies to steal your technological ideas along with a little property redistribution?  The Progressives are also offering a special on one-stop criminal justice:  violate one of their laws and you’ll be summarily executed or imprisoned.  It’s very efficient.  No wasting money on lawyers.  No jury duty for hard-working Americans.  No trial by jury, no right to a speedy trial, just speedy “justice,” for instance, if you spank your child or tell it what to do, or don’t tie up your newspapers with string.

The OWO has six major items on their agenda, which the foes of Agenda 21 have thoughtfully organized for us.  Here they are:


International Covenant on Environment and Development – Eco-Logic Jan/Feb 98

  •  Agenda 21 (soft law) was the precursor to this treaty
  • Consists of 11 parts, containing a total of 72 Articles
  • It will convert the “soft law” recommendations of Agenda 21 into  legally binding  hard international law
  • Supports all the principles of Agenda 21 including the Precautionary Principle
  • It is in complete conflict with our constitution
  • This is the UN Treaty that will move the world into the clutches of global governance

The Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST)

  •  1970’s UN came up with the plan to control the seas of the world.  In an attempt to control the mineral, oil, gas, and other riches of the sea they came up with Law of the Sea Treaty.
  • 1973-1982 Law of the Sea Convention was created as a scheme to pay for this program
  • Concerns about the treaty as expressed by Ronald Reagan and Ron Paul:
  • Loss of US sovereignty 
  • Mandates large fees and profit sharing with the UN ($500K+$1M+50%)
  • The sole decision on whether to grant or withhold mining permits rests with the UN
  • US must share technology with other countries
  • Of course we are also told these statements are unfounded.  Sorry but I will put my faith in Reagan and Paul instead of Panetta, Obama, and Hillary.

International Criminal Court

  •  Would require the US to get permission from the UN to declare war.  Our Congress would have no say in the decision
  • Overrides our Constitution, President, Supreme Court
  • No trial by jury, no right to speedy trial, no right to confront your accusers, no presumption of innocence
  • It exists to prosecute presidents and other top government officials
  •  4 basic crimes (genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, aggression) Who defines these crimes
  • This could spill over to American citizens on American soil (NDAA???)
  • President Clinton and President Bush were totally against the ICC

UN Small Arms Treaty

  •  It is a backdoor treaty to ban guns in America
  • Being told it is to stop the exporting of guns
  • Hillary Clinton has pledged ratification of this Treaty

Rights of the Child

  •  Ban spanking in school and at home, cannot stop your child from associating with undesirable friends
  • Create a legal basis to sue state and local government to demand increased spending for welfare, education and health care for children
  •  US to give foreign aid to poor nations to assure their children have adequate health care, education, nutrition and housing
  •  When making decisions that affect the child the child must have input

Code of Conduct in Outer Space

  • Prevents the US from deploying anti-missile defense weapons systems in outer space to counter the threat from Iran, North Korea and China (this is the most affective method of detecting missiles attacking the US and Israel)

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are in complete support of these treaties.  A treaty is ratified by the Senate; it does not go to the House (the Senate deals with foreign affairs, the House, with the budget).  A two-thirds vote is required and a treaty can only be reversed by a Constitutional Amendment or agreement by all participants.  All of these treaties have been around for years and have been kept at bay.  Obama wants all of these Treaties ratified and he will find a way to get them enacted whether by Executive Order or Treaty.

If we wish to avoid the fate of the Roman legislature, we must act swiftly.  France just elected its first communist president.  Greece is yet again teetering on the brink.  Italy has flirted with fascism and communism for years, and Spain is a disaster, politically and ecologically.  Wind farms weren’t the great ecological wonder they thought they would be.  They’re said to be kicking themselves for all the billions they wasted on these noisy, dangerous, inefficient contraptions.

When you read over the list, you find the Totalitarians have pretty much everything covered.  The environment?  Check. The seas?  Check.  A Code of Conduct in Outer Space (?!)  Check.  Anyone thinking they’re going to escape a la the Jupiter 2 better reconfigure their plans. Guns?  Fugeddaboudit!  Your empowered progeny will be turned into little finks with their own attorneys. The government won’t need drones to spy on you; they’ll simply ply your five year old with interrogative questions. Does your Mommy use birth control? Does your Daddy drive an SUV?  You’d better tell us or we’ll have to send them to jail.  And they will.

Inevitably, we’ll be set against one another, neighbor versus neighbor, child versus parent, spouse versus spouse.  We must unite in freedom or suffer enslavement.

Make your choice – while you still can.

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