The SS Illegal Alien

At this moment, the Department of Homeland Surrender is inspecting a freighter in the Port of Newark, on suspicion that one of the 2,000 containers onboard contains armed stowaways.  But if we’re to have faith in Emperor Obama’s fiat on illegal immigrants, not only must the U.S. Customers and Border Protection agents allow the stowaways to leave the ship, but leave with their guns.

Never fear, though.  Law enforcement is not concerned about the possibility of the stowaways being armed terrorists, but they may be suffering from the heat in the unventilated containers.  They thought perhaps there was no food or water, either.  But the stowaways may have come prepared for their voyage.

“This makes for a very serious situation,” the source told Fox News.  The container where a Coast Guard team heard suspicious noises is located 30 feet below the main deck.

Fox News reports that the voyage began May 30 in the United Arab Emirates, made one stop in Pakistan, two stops in India, and a final stop in Egypt, whose new president is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, before departing for Norfolk, Va., with machine parts listed on the manifest.

If there are Egyptian terrorists aboard – or should we say, members of the new ruling party of Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood – will Obama grant them diplomatic immunity?  Will the Justice Department confiscate their guns and send them over the border to Mexico?  Will Obama entertain them at the White House?

This container ship comes at a curious time, just a day after Obama informed the Arizona police that if they arrest any illegal aliens, or operatives posing as illegal aliens, the illegal aliens will be set free, and the law enforcement officials will be arrested and charged.

What kind of message does that send about his attitude towards the rule of law?  The reason we have borders is to distinguish our land from other nations that don’t respect freedom – and the law – the way we do.  They’re called “illegal” aliens (not immigrants) – for a reason:  they’re not supposed to be here.  They didn’t ask anyone’s permission to come here.  They make no account of themselves.  We don’t know who they are or why they’re here. The rule for gays in the military that Obama abolished – Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – is in full force in regard to illegal aliens.

Our borders are open for any group that would like to manipulate the upcoming election, run the United States into bankruptcy by abusing our over-generous social services, or just machine-gun people at a shopping mall, or set off a bomb at a Yankees game, giving new meaning to the phrase, “The Bronx Bombers.”

Have we seen enough of Obama’s dictatorship to cease doubting his sanity and begin questioning his intentions?  If he and his Progressive pals don’t mean to bankrupt our economy, redistribute our wealth, rob us of our property, censor our communications, flood our borders with aliens who care only about freebies, not freedom, and even dictate what food we may consume, then what do you think he’s been doing all this time?

The only people who are crazy are us, for allowing the Progressive agenda to continue on its way unobstructed for the last 70 years.

We need to get out and vote, on every level – local, state, and federal – and let the Progressives know we are not onboard with their Communist agenda.




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