Wow! A War on Women?

Liberal, liberated women want to do something even their male counterparts can’t do:  have a career and have kids.  Not just create them but bear them as well.  They also want equal pay for equal work.  Still, no matter how you slice it, when your kid keeps getting sick and you have to take vacation or family leave days to deal with it, it’s going to affect your productivity.

Liberated women want men to be liberated, too, and do their fair share of taking off to take care of a kid.  They’re willing.  They don’t want to see their wives receive poor performance reviews and lower salaries.  Still, single moms (never married, divorced, some widowed) will bear the brunt of the childcare if they don’t have a husband to back them up.

What liberation has done for women is force them into the workforce, whether they want to be there or not.  There are enough women who are willing to forego the drudgery of childrearing for a more lucrative job in the business world, where they claim they feel “so fulfilled”!

Oh, please.  I’ve been in the working world all my life and so have the men – it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.  However, the dual-income couples were able to afford to pay more for housing, and so now everyone must.  Not satisfied with modest homes, they’ve either bought, built or added onto existing houses, to prove that they’re living the good life.

Well, who can blame them?  But with all that power and money, there’s no very good reason why the average taxpayer should be paying for their contraception, pregnancies, abortions, and child care.

Obama claims that Republicans have declared a War on Women, but the real culprit seems to be the Democrat Progressives.  In the  “good ol’ days” women didn’t get the same jobs or salaries as men because they had a tendency to marry and have kids.  That was the argument Mom’s company gave her when she discovered she was making less money in the same job than a newly-hired male reporter.  She used the argument that the grocery store wasn’t going to charge her less for a loaf of bread.

Mom didn’t hire a lawyer to defend her, though; she couldn’t afford one.  She defended herself by telling the company she would take her work ethic, productivity, and talent and go work for someone else.  They raised her salary and compensated her for lost time.  That was 1945, I believe.  Five years later, she got married and quit to have babies.

We grew up poor.  However, Mom was able to save enough from my poor father’s meager, minimum wage salary as a security guard to pay off the mortgage five years early.  Once we were in school, she took a part-time job as a bus driver and worked her way up from the “women’s work” of school buses to the more manly work of driving the big diesel tour buses.

Bus driving involved tough work and long, long hours, especially the Atlantic City runs.  She had to deal with male resentment, blizzards, ice storms, mechanical breakdowns, bad neighborhoods, and quarreling senior citizens who would get into fistfights on her bus.  Through it all, she remained tough, but she also remained a lady.  Mom retired at the age of 75; she felt driving beyond that age would pose a danger to her passengers.

Most women today don’t have any choice; they must work.  Some are glad to be relieved of the burden of child-raising.  An unfortunate attitude that has resulted in the warehousing of our children.  But mothers are starting to rise up and question their priorities.

They may like the money or their household needs two incomes to survive.  But they woke up in 2009 during the Tea Parties to realize that the educational system is messing with their kids and now there’s no stopping them.  I certainly called out to the mothers during my one and only speech at the Morristown Tea Party in April 2009 and told them their children were being brainwashed.

I call out to you, Mothers and future Mothers of New Jersey and America, once again.  Tie into your networks and spread the word about this election.  This is about more than just your kids this time:  it’s about your homes, which the Progressives are seeking to either tax out of your ability to own or condemn on whatever excuse they concoct; it’s about the real price of health care you’re going to pay under Obamacare, not to mention the dangers it’s going to pose to your older parents; it’s about the government usurping the right to tell you what you can and can’t feed your children; it’s about a very likely worldwide government by 2020 (if not sooner) that will tell you where you can worship God; it’s about a government takeover of the Internet which will limit the ways in which you can receive news, what news you will receive, and how and whether you can share it with others; it’s about changing your safe neighborhoods into slums, the slums you and your parents fled so you and your kids could get to school in safety.

There’s no War on Women, but Women need to declare a War on Wonks (government bureaucrats), who will strip you of every freedom you enjoy, not grant you greater freedoms.


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