The Better Choice is Better Than No Choice

Political forecasters are predicting a 50-50 chance of America either being swept out into the Socialist Sea or having the storm bypass us.  Many undecided voters are holding their heads in their hands, as the poor man is shown on the Jersey Shore with his demolished house in the background.  “There’s nothing we can do about the election!  So we’re not voting at all!” they cry.

As Hurricane Sandy approached New Jersey, with a 100 percent chance that she would strike somewhere along the coast, New Jerseyans from Cape May to little Montague knew there was nothing they could do to stop the storm’s approach.  There was plenty they could do, however, to mitigate the damage she would cause.

In the days before the storm, they cleaned stores out of batteries, lanterns, flashlights, chainsaws, generators, ice chests, sump pumps, and food.  Some filled upon gasoline; others didn’t, not realizing how devastating the storm would be.  Some of us made ice.  Others didn’t (Mom….) On the Jersey Shore, they boarded up windows and evacuated when they were told to do so.  Millions are still without power as of this writing, depending on their natural gas stoves to boil water and create steam heat.

Our town thoughtfully sent out reverse 911 calls about a water advisory.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get the message until after the power came back.  I still haven’t figured out how my phone recorded the message.   At any rate, people didn’t simply say, ‘Oh there’s nothing I can do about it, so I’m not going to do anything about it.’

This is a dangerous election, with the potential to wreak as much havoc politically, financially, militarily, socially, and culturally as Hurricane Sandy.  New Jersey is a small but densely populated state.  The storm that is approaching tomorrow will have an impact nationwide and could affect our futures not just for the long-term but forever.  If Obama succeeds in his Socialist plans – and he’s been pretty successful these four years – our country will be the mangled Seaside Heights roller coaster now sitting in the Atlantic Ocean because its foundation – ironically called “The Casino Pier” – was washed away.

Residents of the Jersey Shore don’t have to worry about sticking their heads into the sand – they’re already up to their knees in sand.  This is no time for those who are frustrated to stick their heads in the sand politically.  This is not a storm you can ignore.  But it is one you can prepare yourselves for.

In time, Seaside Heights could be restored.  SH is not a blighted city but an extremely popular amusement resort.  The town simply suffered the damage any seaside town must expect, being on the side of an ocean with a stream of warm water that comes from the south, bringing storms with it.

The rest of the state lives with the risks of being in a woodland with many rivers, streams, and lakes.  Big Government is not the answer.  There’s a reason insurance companies are reluctant to issue water damage coverage – water is the most devastating force Mother Nature has.  Big Government won’t have any better success than the insurance companies.  Right now, Big Government foots the bill for floods and major storms like this one.  You may not think you’re paying for it, but you are – and so are taxpayers across the country.

We assume that the government should help; that’s what it’s there for.  Sometimes, it’s not as big a help as we think it is and when we make that discovery, we become angry and lash out at them.  They deserve it, too, for making people too dependent upon the government.

On September 11, 2001, workers in the Twin Towers initially didn’t wait for someone to tell them what to do.  Workers in the South Tower saw the North Tower ablaze, and decided to get out.  They got on the elevators and got down to the ground floor, only to be told by the authorities to go back.  Dutifully, they returned to their cubicles – and many died, particularly those trapped on the upper floors when the second plane hit.

I interviewed the sister of one of my then-company’s employees.  She was the one who told me that story.  Only when the authorities told her to go back, she refused.  She said as she watched co-workers re-enter the elevator, she had a bad feeling she’d never see them again.  This young woman then ran for it.  Even as she was running, the South Tower began to collapse.  Luckily, a store owner called out to her to take cover in his establishment and she survived.

Some of you may think Mitt Romney is not much of a choice.  He’s a moderate and talks about “compromising” with the very Democrats who caused this financial disaster (with the help of “compromising” Republicans.  Undecideds can’t be blamed for feeling that one guy isn’t much better than the other.

However, Romney does have better record when it comes to turning failing companies around.  Our country is in the same state, financially, that New Jersey is in now, after Hurricane Sandy passed – and another storm similar to Sandy is on its way.  The forecast maps show that New Jersey will receive the brunt of the highest winds.  Gov. Christie is a moderate like Romney.

But Christie doesn’t do photo ops.  He’s an honest, hard-working governor, even if we in the suburbs feel he does a little too much compromising when it comes to spending on the inner cities.  We give him a break because we know we have a Democrat legislature.  There’s only so much vetoing he can do before they push back.  He’s told us time and again, ‘if you want me to help you lower taxes, send me a Republican legislature.’  A Conservative legislature would be preferable.

We get the legislature, the representatives we deserve.  If we stick our heads in the political sands, we’re going to wind up with a socialist country, with an even higher debt than we already have.  Nothing has been done at all to repair our country.  More storms will come and they will be difficult to weather if we don’t fix the damage that has already occurred.

Just ask New Jerseyans how widespread the damage is and how long it’s going to take, how much patience, courage, and fortitude Garden Staters will need, and you’ll understand how long it’s going to take to restore our country to its former financial, military and moral standing.

Too many Democrats already stand in the way of maintaining our federal republic, removing the shackles placed on businesses, and restoring our military to fighting shape.  Yet the situation is not entirely hopeless.  Whether we recover or not is up to you – whether you’re going to stand in the middle of the road with your head in your hands or get busy picking up the country, piece by piece, home by home, job by job, tree by tree, and bucket of sand by bucket of sand.

You think you have no choice – and you’re right.  You have no choice but to get out there and vote for the only candidate with enough of the right qualifications and the right attitude about America to pull the country out of the riptide and back onto shore.

If you can’t make the best choice, at least make the better choice – vote for Mitt Romney.


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