The Chickens Are Coming Home to Vote

Four years ago, The Nephew was a college freshman.  I told him how important it was to vote.  His father told him how important it was to vote.  His uncle told him how important it was to vote.  Our mother – Grandma E. – yelled at him about how important it was to vote.  No, wait a minute – I’m the one who yelled at him and hit him over the head with the paper ballot when I found out he hadn’t voted.

About a week or so ago, he went out to Pittsburgh to visit with his Chinese girlfriend at his old graduate school.  She’s taking additional classes to enhance her skill level.  So he rode out Hurricane Sandy in western Pennsylvania and is returning home this morning.  Why is he returning home today, even though a snowstorm is predicted for tomorrow and neither his father’s or mother’s house has heat or electricity?

Because he wants to make sure he votes in this election.  What a difference four years – and a better candidate – can make.  Now he understands his future is at stake.  Better yet, he has a girlfriend from Communist China who can tell him firsthand what that future is going to be like if Obama wins.  He’s been to China.   Beyond the glitz of modernized Shanghai is a nation bereft of freedom.

He has paid attention the last four years.  Here are some of the things he’s made note of, as my nephew and political science student:

  • High unemployment
  • High taxes
  • Various taxpayer-funded stimulus packages (which were once rightly called Porkulus)
  • High taxes
  • $16 trillion in debt
  • A dangerous foreign policy
  • Sympathy for Islamic terrorists
  • Obstruction of domestic energy resources
  • Government financing and partnership in key industries
  • Threats to censor the Internet
  • U.N. Agenda 21
  • Regionalization
  • The Apology Tour
  • Benghazi
  • Unprecedented executive powers, including one granting all illegal aliens virtual amnesty
  • Fast and Furious
  • The Las Vegas Line
  • Financial abuse of the Executive Office, with wasteful trips and luxury hotels
  • Financing of renewable energy sources (i.e., wind power) that are expensive & unreliable
  • Campaign donations from the Big Banks that couldn’t fail
  • Obamacare
  • Reduction of our military
  • Antipathy towards the Middle Class and the Suburbs
  • Misleading the Middle Class on taxation

If you are still undecided today, Election Day, consider one of Obama’s last campaign exhortations:

“Vote for revenge.”

Well, if he insists.  The Nephew is on the homeward-bound bus this very moment.  He should be here any minute.  This time he will vote.  He wants to vote.  The indifferent college student has turned into a young man hoping to find a job.  That’s not going to happen with Obama.  Mitt Romney is no white-haired old man.  He’s vigorous, he’s smart, and he’s experienced both at governing and turning around financially-ailing institutions.

Despite the lack of power in his house.  Despite the cold.  Despite the threat of snow tomorrow, our chicken is coming home to vote.  God bless America.




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  1. I am glad you turned him around. There are a lot of people who you could turn around if you could reach them. Your command of language and your knowledge on the subject are big factors. I have managed to open my boss’s eyes along with most of his 6 brothers. Forwarding your blogs to them helped make the difference too. I want to add that our friends Phil and Darlene will be voting today for their first time ever.

    We all wish America luck today.


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