Santa Claus Wins the Election

 “In a nation of children, you can’t beat Santa Claus in an election.”  Rush H. Limbaugh III

Rush Limbaugh summed up Tuesday’s election correctly and succinctly on his radio program yesterday when he said you can’t beat Santa Claus.  Right on, Rush.  That’s exactly what happened.  Evidently, Santa got his “Naughty” and “Nice” lists mixed up, though.

Mind you, 48 percent of the voters who showed up at the polls were adults who voted for Romney.  That’s two percent and given the Democrats’ propensity for election fraud, the election may have been closer than that.  According to a blogsite called, the military absentee ballots arrived a day late.  Had they arrived on time, the election would have swung in Romney’s favor.

Union members are given every consideration by this “president” while the military, who put their lives on the line for our country and freedom, are given short-shrift.  The Democrats punish companies with excessive taxes and then blame the companies when they lay off employees and sail for distant shores where doing business is cheaper.  They then used that old stand-by, class envy, to dupe them into voting for the guy – and the party – that cost them their jobs.

Listening to Speaker of the House John Boehner declare his allegiance to Obama, that there are no parties, that O is our leader, and the House will do his bidding was nauseating.  Does anyone wonder why we invited establishment GOP supporters not to come to our Tea Party meetings?  Then there was the in famous kiss-up by our moderate Gov. Christie to the president.  Christie defended his actions yesterday, insisting that he always tells the truth and that the president did a great job.

Obama didn’t do anything.  Obama didn’t clear the huge trees from my older brother’s front yard; my younger brother did that.  Obama didn’t clear the debris away; my nephew, my older brother’s son did that.  Obama didn’t clear my older brother’s enormous backyard of tree limbs, branches, and twigs, not to mention leaves; I did that.  And I’m 53 years old.  Big Brother turned 57 the night after the hurricane.  He’s older than we are, he’s on heart medications, and the night of the hurricane, he slept on the floor of his office building, tending the building’s two generators.  He didn’t need to come home to an empty house (since his divorce; not that it would have mattered) and a yard full of downed trees and branches.

The Nephew’s other grandmother wanted him to come inside for lunch and a nap.  After all, he’d spent the whole night on the bus back from Pittsburgh and he was tired.  As opposed to his father, who spent three nights sleeping on the floor of his office building.  Fortunately, my mother and I had some part in raising the lad.  Seeing me and my younger brother working hard to help our older brother out – his father – he came back after lunch.  I asked him if he would take over raking the backyard since it was going to snow the next day.  At first, he begged off as being too tired.  So I reached to take the rake back and finish what I started.  He looked into my eyes and had second thoughts.  He promised to finish raking the yard that afternoon.

It’s all about teaching the younger generation right from wrong, the value of hard work, honesty, and honor.  Big Brother wanted me to get one of those Obamaphones.  Even he is not immune from the lure of a free lunch – or a free phone.  I needed a new one if I wanted to be able to communicate during the coming storm.  But I refused the temptation of an Obamaphone.

Yesterday, I half-joked on Facebook that with Obama’s re-election we needed to get out our survival gear.  A Liberal former co-worker asked if I was overreacting.  I wrote back that no, I didn’t think so.  Not with a $16 trillion debt, with a high unemployment rate, and taxes, including Obamacare, that are going to go through the roof along with our utility rates.  I’m afraid we are going to face longer and longer gas lines and rationing, and higher and higher prices for gas.  People will be taxed out of their homes and forced to live communally near cities at government-sponsored private sector jobs.

We will live and work virtually as slaves.  Most of our time will be spent walking or bicycling to some nearby factory or service center.  What leisure time we have will be spent in front of the television or computer.  We won’t be able to go anywhere mass transportation won’t take us.   Most of our pay will go to the other half of society that isn’t working, the voters Obama urged to “vote for revenge.”

Our children will remain in school long past the necessary age, struggling for higher and higher degrees that will give them an “edge” in the market, extending adolescence well in to middle age.  By then, they’ll be too old to get a job and will become part of the entitlement class.  They will learn nothing that the political elite don’t want them to know.  They will learn a new version of American history – indeed, they already are, which is what has turned them towards Obama and the Progressives.  This indoctrination process has been in the making since the 1930s.  The students will also be gorged with an endless supply of drugs to keep them docile, lest a seed of doubt grows in their numbed brains and they begin to question the status quo.

Now we know why the Amish refused to connect themselves to the societal grid.  If we do not wish to become imprisoned in this net of evil, we’ll have to make some considerable sacrifices and divorce ourselves from this socialist world.  That begins with boycotting completely the Mainstream Media.  Wise citizens would do well to cancel their cable subscriptions.  The networks are useless except for some local news.  They are simply spreading socialist propaganda and nothing more.

Hardest of all will be to refuse the free stuff that is offered to us, to renounce the Socialist plan.  The Tea Party must continue its political work of making a place for themselves within the government (such as it is).  We must continue our work educating our family, friends, neighbors and co-workers to take this danger seriously.  If they don’t, we will be like the victims of Hurricane Katrina, waiting for a government to come and save them, which never arrived until it was too late.

New Jersey saved itself.  A portion of the Jersey Shore was damaged, mostly vacation homes, it’s true.  The businesses along the shore should have had enough insurance to cover their losses.  Wouldn’t it be nice if all the other amusement parks around the country chipped in to help the Jersey Shore recover the difference, rather than having the money ripped out of their hands by the government, giving an opportunistic president a chance to be photographed “helping” and tip the election in his favor?  Obama didn’t create the hurricane; God did that.  But Obama’s posture as a “savior” is reprehensible.

God sent Hurricane Sandy to teach us a lesson about ourselves, especially the impossibly blue state of New Jersey.  Sandy stripped away all pretenses and showed people for what they are.  When the houses collapsed on the shore, trees crashed down all over the northern part of the state, and the entire state was without electricity or heat, God discovered three kinds of people:  those who prayed to Him for help, those who prayed to the Government (Obama) for help, and those who helped themselves (and their families and neighbors).



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  1. But Obama didn’t say that. He said: “This is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility.” That doesn’t sound like someone who is primarily concerned about reaching a bipartisan agreement with Congress. That sounds like someone implying that he can personally offer more after he’s no longer beholden to voters (the key words being “my last election”).

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