Darned Tootin’ There Was Lootin’

During the worst of Hurricane Sandy, the Media not only assured us there was no looting happening, especially in New York City, but scolded us for even suggesting that there might be.  According to the Media, it was all just rumors.

However, the New York Post reports that Breezy Point, Queens, a tight-knit blue collar community, suffered fire (over 38 homes) and flooding and that thieves looted their damaged, darkened homes over Thanksgiving.

From Nov. 12 to Nov. 18, the Post reports that there were 14 home break-ins Breezy Point, as opposed to none during the same period in 2011.  The thieves took jewelry, watches, and a $25,000 coin collection.

Meanwhile, it was mayhem at some department stores on Thanksgiving Night, as the hordes lined up for the sales.  There were reports of robberies and beatings.  But some families took in stride.  A friend out in California says they looked upon it as a new family tradition.

Since the Christmas season is upon us, perhaps we can ask Santa Claus to bring us a new media that will tell us the truth and no peddle propaganda and talking points, disguising them as “news.”

We give thanks to the New York Post and Fox News for giving us the truth about Breezy Point and not insulting our intelligence by lying.


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  1. I remember George Wenderoth saying that the mayor of Chicago threatened to have looters shot on sight during a power shortage there. The mayor was later criticized for being too harsh. His reply was “did you see any looters”


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