Detroit Calls In Its Chits

The election is over.  The 99 Percent has spoken (the 99 percent of moochers, that is); Obama reigns Supreme.  We’ve passed the Socialist marker on our way to full-fledged Communism (Pravda says so, and they ought to know).  Nearly 75 percent of Wayne County (Michigan) voters pulled the lever for Obama, including just about 110 percent of Detroit, and now Detroit is calling in the favor.

According to Fox News, Detroit is facing a major financial crisis and City Council member JoAnn Watson feels Obama should keep his word, step in and help.  She said yesterday that the citizens of Detroit supported him in the election and that’s enough for Obama to come in and bail out the woebegone former Motor City.

She stated, “Our people, in an overwhelming way, supported the re-election of this president and there out to be a quid pro quo (this for that) and you [Obama] ought to exercise leadership on that.  Of course, not just that, but why not?

Watson went on to note, “After the election of Jimmy Carter, the Honorable Coleman Alexander Young (“Swearing is an art form. You can express yourself much more exactly, much more succinctly, with properly-used curse words.”), he went to Washington, D.C.  He came home with some bacon.  That’s what you [need] to do.”

Young served as mayor of Detroit for 20 years, and was the vice chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 1977 to 1981.

Experts predict that Detroit could run out of money by the end of this year, but the White House has made no offer, as of yet, to bail the city out.  In 1975, Pres. Gerald Ford extended more than $2 billion in credit to New York City to help it avoid a financial collapse.  When New York discovered it wasn’t enough, Ford told them no more and the New York Daily News responded with a famous (or infamous) headline:  “Ford to NYC:  Drop Dead.”

New York City did not drop dead, however; it got its financial act together.  It has also inflicted massive tax increases on the wealthy during Nanny Bloomberg’s administration.  The result is that the wealthy are fleeing the Big Apple as though it was a plague city.

Obama has harrumphed about Republicans even declaring that there’s a fiscal cliff.  He insists it’s all a lot of sound and fury over nothing.  It’s no big deal, if we’d only “compromise.”  Never mind that compromising is what got us into this mess.  They call this “magical thinking.”  Pay no attention to that sign that says our country is $16 trillion in debt.  That’s like scaring little children about the Mayan End of the World prediction for Dec. 21st.

In our planet’s 4.5 billion years, this 26,000-year cycle has occurred some 2,250,000 times (presumably that arithmetic is correct).  Man has been around to witness it before, but back then we didn’t have a 24/7 news cycle.  Somehow, the Earth managed to survive through every one of those celestial clock changes.

What do $16 trillion debts and 26,000-year astrological cycles have to do with one another?  One involves an astronomical amount of money, the other an astronomical amount of time.  The Wisconsin Glacier, which covered most of North America, reached its maximum length from the North Pole about 21,000 years ago, give or take a few millennia.   Our economy has reached its maximum debt tolerance.  We’re nearly to the point, or maybe we have already exceeded the point where we’re capable of paying back our debt.

As for Dec. 21st, it’s unlikely that some asteroid is out there, about to reach its perigee and slam into the Earth, smashing our planet to smithereens.  Astronomers would know about it, although they would be irresponsible to reveal such a calamity to the public.  More likely, the life-shattering calamity we fear is some shift in climate cycle.  We may have reached the apex of global warming and will enter a cooling period.  There’s no need to build igloos just yet; it will take thousands of years for another Wisconsin glacier to form and swallow up New Jersey again.

The more disturbing trends are in our own politics.  A transition to Socialism or Communism could potentially be just as catastrophic as an asteroid colliding with Earth or the planet flipping over in orbit.  Gravity acts as a seatbelt; we here in the northern hemisphere would simply be having iced tea on Christmas Eve instead of eggnog and having a barbecue instead of baked ham for Christmas dinner.  It would be tough luck for the Aussies, of course, and Siamese children might finally learn what snow is first-hand.

If freedom is upended, if people are enslaved by a tyrannical religion, if children must depend upon the government instead of their parents and their families for their needs, that would be a catastrophe indeed.  Progressive adolescents prance about, chirping with glee about a brave, new socialist word, a new world order, where social justice will prevail and there will be nothing but sunshine, blue skies, and rainbows.  It’s a lie; they’re leading the future generation into a trap.

Young people are following like sheep or the village children whom the Pied Piper transfixed.  The greedy have their hands out for free stuff, demanding government-supported lives as their right, their destiny, their mandate.  We will not be living in Paradise, however; we will be living in Detroit.

Thanks to Smart Growth, our prisons are already being built; we passed two on the highway the other day on the way to the local Wal-Mart to see if anyone still sells decent business clothes for middle-class women who need to work but want to look like they’re going to work not the bowling alley.

December 21st is 15 days away.  Have no fear of natural calamities; Socialism and Agenda 21, the New World Order and the Global Ummah or Caliphate are calamity enough.

Why not?


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