Fast and Furious Gun Control Legislation

All of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings were not even buried yet – the funerals, in a one-funeral-home town, had barely begun – when Obama appointed Vice President Biden to create some sort of Gun Control Violence Task Force, designed to exploit the current tragedy and shepherd through Congress gun control legislation.  Their target is “assault” weapons.

Just what exactly is an assault weapon?  An assault weapon could be anything from an AK-47 machine gun to a BB-gun to my monopod.  Clearly, Obama and Dianne Feinstein mean guns, but just what sort of guns do they mean?  The administration has said it has vowed not to ban such weapons as hunting rifles.  But we know what Obama’s promises are worth.

According to experts, you still have to press the trigger for every single shot on a semi-automatic weapon.  Other experts testify that the typical maniac shooter stops as soon as he hears the police sirens and either turns the gun on himself or runs into a hail of police gunfire.  The Virginia Tech shooter got more shots off because it was a bigger, but less populated building.  Fewer people were in the building in position of authority.  But some student must have finally gotten on their cellphone to alert the police.

Horrible as the tragedy in Newtown was, this is the opportunity gun control advocates have been looking for to disarm the American public.  The majority of people don’t have or want guns.  The group that does, for the most part are responsible people who care about our country and the increasing overreach of our government.  This ratio is no more unusual than the number of men and women who join the military.

Obama intends to strike while the grief is still fresh, while the memorials to the victims are growing, and while the funerals are still going on.

Questions should be asked about how someone with a mentally ill, violent child could have passed the background check.  Had she survived, we would have asked Mother Lanza what she was thinking when she taught her son to shoot?  This was an unusual situation that points more to the quality of background checks and the solutions to mental illness.  The latest “rumor” – I say “rumor” because every “fact” the Media has reported turned out either to be wrong or wrongly reported (i.e., Ms. Lanza had been a volunteer kindergarten aide the school year before) – is that she was planning to have her son committed.  He became angry and the rest is tragedy.

The farther our society developed from an agricultural community, the greater its distaste for killing in general.  That didn’t stop gangs from rampaging in the cities, as early as the pre-Revolutionary Days.  With every riot, every war (especially since Viet Nam), and every mass shooting, the public grows more wary of firearms.  We recoil at the images of sinister gunmen and the angelic faces of their innocent and youngest victims.  We’re ready to sign on the dotted line.

In our grief, though, let us make sure we read the fine print.  We need to think carefully before we allow legislation to pass that has no hope of keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, will do nothing about the mentally ill that Progressives allowed to wander our streets, and will certainly endanger our freedom.  Law enforcement, perhaps retired policeman, can guard our schools until we make the right decision.  The danger is that Obama will make the decision by fiat, through executive order.  Such a loosely-worded order naming “assault weapons” would drill holes right through our Constitution.  You may not want to even think about defending your Constitutional rights to the last; we’ve generally been a peaceful people, save for union thugs, youth gangs, and the occasional maniac lurking in the dark with his mother’s gun in hand.

There was a reason why the Media of the Sixties showed such relentless footage of the Viet Nam war; to weaken the public’s support for the war, to finish the job quickly.  If we had, fewer people would have died.  That’s the reason the soldiers of World War II only reluctantly spoke of their battlefield experiences.  They knew the job, terrible as it was, had to be done.  Honorable Americans, they kept the horrors to themselves.

Now we have movies and video games depicting totally senseless violence, packaged especially for the loner on the edge, isolated, socially inept, and very, very angry inside.  We don’t need an hysterical government that would essentially ban everything; what we need are stronger parents and stronger families.

As long as there’s someone, who’s not me, out there willing to take up that gun, learn to use it wisely, and defend our freedom when it is inevitably outlawed by Obama, I will speak and write in favor of their Second Amendment rights.  Murdering people is wrong; defending our lives, our property, and our sacred freedom is just.






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  1. I know everybody could hate built in, but I don’t even think they glance so negative.

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