The Doomsday Report

The good news about last Friday, Dec. 21st  is that the world did not end.  The Mayan’s always maintained that the end of the Long Count was simply the end of a very long calendar and the start of new one.  New Age spiritualists saw it as the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius.  When the Moon is in the 7th House (it was in the 12th actually), and Jupiter aligns with Mars (it was in wide opposition), then peace will guide the planets, etc., etc.

The most notable headline for Dec. 22nd was that John Kerry is to be our new Secretary of State.  That news is disquieting enough for anyone to start building a fall-out shelter.  The three major credit agencies are predicting a downgrade in the United States’ credit if it doesn’t raise its debt ceiling by late February or March.  In other words, the country will run out of cash.

So Congress is playing chicken over the debit ceiling.  The Republicans deserve a good deal of credit for standing their ground.  They’re also demanding that tax rates be raised for everyone, not just the millionaires.  When 99 percent of the population is not paying taxes, it doesn’t very fair at all.

The country is still in shock and mourning over the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.  The Progressives want to take everyone’s guns away.  The Conservatives want more effective treatment and constraint of the criminally insane (the people who just want to shoot up the local movie theater, shopping center, or kindergarten and then end it all).  Since the lunatics have been running the asylum, there’s been a relativistic redefinition of insanity. “Insane” is someone who wants to protect their freedom, or may be their life.  Crazy, huh?  Meanwhile, another gunman in central Pennsylvania shot down three people along a country road, and gun shop owners report that business is booming.

New Jersey, Staten Island, Long Island, and the Connecticut coast are still trying to recover from that other Sandy.  FEMA has a new, costly set of regulations that will make it more difficult and expensive for homeowners to rebuild in those areas.  Taxpayers tend to agree with FEMA since they’re footing the bill for these homes.  The EPA has a new set of air pollution regulations for commercial boilers as well, making it more expensive for manufacturers to do business.

Great Britain is contemplating breaking up big banks.  Allegedly, the Muslim Brotherhood is losing popularity, according to the New York Times; only one-third of Egypt’s registered voters bothered to turn out for the vote on the controversial constitution and 56 percent of those voters approved it.

Mexico released an American prisoner while North Korea captured one.  Russia’s president is distancing himself from Syria, while Puerto Rico announced it would overhaul its police force.  Alabama prisoners with AIDS will no longer have to distance themselves from other inmates.

ene-engineered salmon are swimming our way and Tunisia is having a palace sale on the all the property and effects of ousted president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali.  Three men appeared in Brooklyn court on charges that they had trained to be suicide bombers with a Somali terrorist group.  For four months, the case remained under seal.  The documents show no relation between the alleged crimes and the United States, although the group is linked to Al Qaeda.  The four defendants required Swedish interpreters.  The Senate approved a $633 billion dollar spending bill, while the military itself is planning on cutting $50 billion next.  The Senate and the Pentagon really to need to work on their communications.

alifornia’s state ban on gay-to-straight change therapy has been put on hold.  A Missouri judge blocked the new bill preventing birth control coverage, and an Iowa court upheld the firing of a woman whose boss found her too attractive.

Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Monti resigned after a budget vote.  Monti is in favor of raising taxes.  He’s not out of the running politically and will probably run again as a candidate, on the centrist platform that Italy needs to stay the course on structural changes.  After Berlusconi resigned amidst the global financial panic, Monti improved Italy’s global image but effectively raised taxes, worsening the country’s recession.  An important lesson for America.  Germany is optimistic, without any very good reason, as economists say that many economic indicators have yet to turn around.

Finally, Instagram, an app available on Facebook, is not winning converts with its policy of stealing people’s personal photographs for commercial use.  Guess they figure if the government can do it, why shouldn’t they make a buck out of all those photographs floating around on Facebook?

Yes, except for the Kerry announcement – and the passage of the Islamic Constitution, no matter how uncertain the Times claims Egyptian voters feel – and the debt ceiling crisis, there seems to be little new earth-shaking news that would be the pebble in the avalanche that will precipitate the long-term end of the world, or history as we know it.

Still a friend noted on Friday – she lives in Queensland, New York – that when she went outside that morning, the sky was so bright that it actually hurt her eyes.  Other residents in that northern clime reported the same phenomenon.  Did all those red, flashing meteors do something to burn up the ozone atmosphere?  Does that mean that climate change is a big hoax?

Better stock up on SPF 100 sunblock, guns, and cash.  It’s not over yet.





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