A Drop in the Blue Acres Bucket

Yesterday, a New Jersey Senate committee discussed instituting a tax on water on Garden State property owners.  According to the Daily Record of Morristown, proposed bill S-8113 would establish a water use fee to support Green Acres, Blue Acres, and the historic and farmland preservation programs.

The water tax proposal – 40 cents per thousand gallons of water delivered to a customer – has been bandied about in recent years but hasn’t gotten past the committee stage.  The plan is to raise $150 million annually.  For the average residential water customer in New Jersey, using 80,000 gallons of water per year, the tax would amount to $32 per household.

The money will be used to buy up land and condense people into walkable, stack-and-pack communities.  To wealthier Garden State residents, raised on the mantra of “Save the Earth,” $32 a year seems like a drop in the bucket.  The bill may not have gotten past the Senate committee, but the technology, in the form of Smart water meters is already in place, particularly in Bergen County.  They’ve already flipped the switch and the meter is running; the tax man simply has to tally the bill.

We already pay unseen, regulatory fees on our electricity, on our car insurance, on our gasoline that we’re unaware of and which agencies are not permitted to inform us about.  This isn’t about saving the planet.  Earth is perfectly capable of taking care of herself.  As we saw during Hurricane Sandy, Mother Nature is still more of a danger to Man than Man is to Mother Nature.

Social engineering is about one group of elite humans controlling the rest of us – and making tons of money in the bargain.  Man’s “carbon footprint,” his negative impact on the environment, his “danger” to the planet are all specious arguments designed to convince fools to feel their guilt and surrender their freedom – and wealth – to the “logic” of environmentalism.

Don’t drink the water.  Or the Agenda 21 Kool-Aid.


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