Old School Gun Ownership

Last night’s Tea Party meeting was unusual in number and demographics.  The room was filled to capacity – over 100 attendees, of all ages, many of them young, and most of them men.  The subject?  Gun control legislation.

The speaker was Anthony Colandro, CEO of Guns for Hire Training Institute.  Colandro is a Master Fire Arms Instructor and NRA Master Training Counselor, with multiple certifications in firearms safety and use.  Guns for Hire offers courses for police, military, corporate security and private citizens in the safe use of firearms.

In case you think we were all crazy, the co-founder of our Tea Party is a licensed psychologist.  I always said we were quite fortunate in having such a person as our leader; when the Media calls us crazy, Right Wing extremists, we have it on his considered authority that we are not.

Colandro said that since Obama’s re-election, his business has been (if you’ll excuse the expression) “booming.”  He has seven schools throughout New Jersey and is about to open an eighth.  Clearly, Obama considers armed opponents a danger to his monarchy and will do everything possible to either gut the Second Amendment or make it useless by limiting the number of rounds a legal gun owner can use to defend themselves. 

The suggested seven-round limit (imposed already by New York State) would be of little use against an armed intruder.  Trying to shoot a target in the head for an inexperienced gun owner with only seven bullets would be worse than useless.  Colandro says that shooting someone in a harmless place is another of those exercises in futility; as long as the perpetrator is in motion, the victim is in danger.

He placed a good deal of blame on our modern video game culture, citing such games as “Call of Duty” and “Doom” as virtual training guides of armed, psychotic killers.  Players receive a reward for killing as many people as they can and if they find they’re losing, they have the option of shooting themselves and ending the game.  Thanks also is due to Hollywood and its decades of senselessly violent movies (in the Eighties, I was fired from my job as a newspaper movie reviewer for criticizing these films; the theater owners were complaining).

Students and the public in general have been indoctrinated since the mid-Sixties to fear guns and violence, even though of the 11,000 gun crimes committed per year (as opposed to the 40,000 automobile deaths), the majority are committed by criminals with unregistered guns.

Colandro blamed the political assassinations (the Kennedy brothers and MLKjr) for the onslaught of gun regulations.  Some of us look to another event, though; the University of Texas Clock Tower shooting in 1966.  Get the date right, people.  It was 1966.  I was only seven years old but I remember it distinctly.  People weren’t frightened by planned assassinations, whose targets were very deliberately selected; it was the notion of a mass shooting of unsuspecting people that frightened the public and gave the Communists in American the impetus to begin disarming the citizens of the United States, in preparation for their eventual takeover.

It was not always this way.  One older Tea Party member recounted his membership in his high school’s Sportsman’s Club.  The club’s adviser was a member of a statewide Sportsman’s Club organization and a certified firearms instructor.  The teacher decided he wanted to make a gun safety film, using his students.

That day, the students were given permission to bring their 12-gauge shotguns to school, with live ammunition, in preparation for the class trip to a nearby farm, where they would do the filming.  They performed various safety maneuvers, such as dismantling their guns in order to climb through fences.  That was 1954, he told the audience.  Can you imagine students being allowed to bring their guns to school today, he asked?  Students cannot even mention guns in school without being expelled.

As David Barton pointed out on Glenn Beck’s evening program, in the America of olde, every citizen was required to have firearms in order to protect themselves and gun safety and shooting were part of the school curriculum.

Today our society is so indoctrinated into the dangers of gun violence, inured as they are with the horrors of exaggerated gun violence on TV and in the movies, and now in the news, that the Sportsman’s Club of 1954 would be unthinkable today.  Even the speaker, Mr. Colandro, was surprised into speechlessness, although some of the older man’s contemporaries whispered of how they used to bring their guns to school.

Since the gun regulations went into effect, gun violence has increased, not decreased.  Ordinary citizens are like sheep among the wolves, fearful of protecting themselves (you cannot even travel with your firearm in your trunk on the way to the gun range; it’s a three-year prison term in this state) and uncertain of how well the police can protect them.  Even police officers are being sued for using their firearms.

Guns are the great equalizer, the saying goes.  Obama and the Progressive Elites do not want an “equal” society.  They want subjects, not free citizens.  The NRA was created in order to bring about legislation that would allow the former black slaves to own firearms.  Anyone who cannot defend themselves is a slave, whether they know it or not.










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