Royal Balls

If memory serves, second inaugurations are generally not treated with the same sense of pomp, circumstance, and balls as a president’s first inauguration.  According to one study, 60 percent of Americans watched the inauguration – still a substantial number.  But the authorities moved the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday back a full week, from Jan. 15 so that his birthday would coincide with Obama’s inauguration.  This gave many of Obama’s welfare and low-income supporters to celebrate both “holidays” from personal responsibility and collectively celebrate their “New America.”

Meanwhile the Nephew is getting married today, in a brief, town hall ceremony.  For this couple, a civil ceremony is appropriate.  She is a Chinese citizen, of no particular religious beliefs.  Her family is 10,000 miles away, and divorced.  His parents are also divorced, although they’ll both be at the ceremony, with ex sister-in-law standing in as the mother-de-facto of the bride, helping her prepare for the brief ceremony.  She bought the bride’s bouquet and I presume other bride-like artifacts.  Thank goodness my brother’s ex knows about these things.

A royal wedding would have been most impractical.  We relatives on the groom’s side couldn’t make a midday, weekday ceremony, either, although my very kind employers have allowed me to leave early.  However, it behooves me to get in early to my job (especially since it’s only a part-time job and I need the money) since I’ll be leaving early.

My brother wants me to take photos of the happy occasion, however brief it may be.  I thought he understood we all had to work, but as my supervisor was quite understanding (he’s only been married about a year himself) I was able to help, much to the (surprising) joy of The Nephew.

Here, I must abridge so I can get to work early, hence the abbreviated posting.  I also have to get a new memory card for my camera on the way to work, as my old one has gone missing.

I told The Nephew I quite approved of the simple, civil ceremony.  Too many couples pay outrageous sums for royal weddings, only to pay even more outrageous sums for a divorce ten or twenty years later.  Since both their parents are divorced, it’s understandable why they wanted an understated ceremony.  What a waste of money.

Just like the presidential inaugural balls.





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