Victory for G.I. Janes and Loss for American Women

Women can fight.  Just ask any mother whose child has been scapegoated by a teacher.  Molly Pitcher fought in the Battle of Monmouth during the Revolutionary War, taking her husband’s place when he fell either to injury or the excessive August heat.  She put down her water pitcher – used both to cool the gun barrels before placing the cannonball into the barrel of the cannon as for cooling the soldiers suffering from heat exhaustion – and took her husband’s place loading the cannon.  According to the legend, she was given a Medal of Honor by Gen. George Washington.

Many wives followed their husbands to the encampments.  Some women cut their hair and put on uniforms, serving on ships as well as in the field.  They served as bravely and humbly as any man.  But that was the old America that we’re told is out of fashion.

Yesterday, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced that the Pentagon is lifting its ban on women serving in combat positions.  Some combat positions will be open to women sometime this year; more elite positions such as the Navy SEALs may take until 2016.

Lolita Baldor, of the Associated Press, notes that “Women comprise about 14 percent of the 1.4 million active U.S. military personnel.  More than 280,000 women have been sent to Iraq, Afghanistan, or to jobs in neighboring nations in support of the wars.  Of the more than 6,600 killed, 152 were women .”

That is a deceiving statistic, since the women are serving in support positions and women are banned from serving below the brigade level.  In other words, they’re generally not on the front lines, in the line of fire as the men are.  It is not because they’re better fighters.  The Pentagon is looking at estimate of 230,000 female soldiers.  The number of fatalities will certainly rise with the number of women enlisted as infantry soldiers.  Their chances of being kidnapped by Muslim fanatics will be greater as well.

Progressives have been seeking to enlist women in the military for generations.  They cite countries like Israel, where women are subject to the military draft, just as the men are.  Watching news footage of women reporting to duty during an air raid, they didn’t look too happy about it or particularly fit for the mission.

Lifting the ban on women in combat opens the possibility for women being drafted into the military, just as American men are required to enlist.  Patriotism is the last thing on the minds of Progressive politicians and their propagandist Media.  They’re thinking of the casualty lists filled with the names of mothers and the orphaned children they’ll inevitably leave behind.  Just as the Media orchestrated the Viet Nam War, manipulating public opinion against a war that was difficult to understand without the real truth, enlisting women in combat positions will be one more nail in America’s defense coffin.

Women are said to be more of a liability in the Army and more particularly the Navy than the Pentagon or the Media is willing to admit.  Women’s groups claim they’re willing to abide by the same standards for men.  But that’s what they said about being admitted into police forces and fire departments.  The women couldn’t meet the physical standards, they sued to get them lowered, and the result is the men are short-handed on more able bodies.  We do need women in the police force, especially for investigations, and the gun is a great equalizer.  However, great numbers of women in the military suggests great numbers of casualties.

We’ve just taken one more step towards the surrender of our great nation.


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