Scouting for Boys

No news was more disappointing – not even the re-election of Obama as president, which was expected – than the news that the Boy Scouts of America will be admitting gay scouts and leaders into their ranks.

The Boy Scouts were my heroes.  They held out for so long against the predations of the Progressive agenda.  They weren’t afraid to defend and uphold common moral values.  Every chance I got, I donated to their causes.  I have no doubt that the good Scouts I met and their leaders are just as dismayed by this ruling from their leadership.

Progressives will certainly hail this surrender as a great victory for their minority.  One can only imagine what effect the admission of gays will have on their activities.  Given the proclivities of gay men (and youth), you have to wonder why they want to join the Boy Scouts in the first place.  There can only be one reason:  the same reason girls with painted fingernails sign up for Auto or Woodworking shop in high school – it’s where the boys are.

You can imagine the future Boy Scout badges:  Embroidery, Fashion Design, Make-Up Artistry, Jewelry-Making, Baking, Sewing.  Why don’t they just join the Girl Scouts, or are the Girl Scouts too busy with their Bench Pressing, Auto Mechanics, Deer Hunting, and the venerable Cookie Badges?  Heavens!  We can’t let gay boys into the Girl Scouts (where they’d probably be more at home), but we can thrust them upon the hapless Boy Scouts.

What’s going to happen on the camp-outs?  What normal boy is going to want to share a tent with a homosexual youth?  Yet, if the normal boy refuses, he will be punished for his “bigotry.”  Having two homosexual youths sharing a tent will be just as bad, if not worse.  Scouting will be transformed from a character-building experience into another experiment in sexual permissiveness and debauchery.

As for the youngest boys, how do boys that young know what they want?  Some of them are said to know already, having an inclination to play with dolls and tea sets rather than footballs and trucks.  They will have nothing in common with their “fellow scouts.”  Why force it?  Boys that age tend to be brutal.  The only result will be unnecessary bullying, suffering by the gay kid, and punishment for the other boys.

Then there’s the problem of gay troop leaders.  Their disingenuous avowals of having no sexual interest in the boys is risible.  The Progressives will immediately point to aberrant heterosexual leaders; the peephole by which the camel will get its nose into the Boy Scout tent.  Most Scout leaders are married men with children of their own and an interest in the boys’ development of character and morals, not single men with aberrant, even if unavoidable, proclivity for their own sex. 

Progressives must have wormed their way high up in the ranks of Boy Scout leadership in order to bring about this transformation of the Scouts’ mission.  Individual troop leaders have been told they will still have authority to determine who may lead and join their particular troop.  But we know how long that will last.

About as long as Obama’s promise not to raise taxes on the Middle Class.  God help the Boy Scouts of America.




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