A Prayer for Melody

Melody joined our band, along with her father, in the early Nineties.  She was just a kid then.  She was equal parts sweetness and mischief.  At the time, her parents had sizeable piece of property to accommodate her horse, Injun Joe.  Joe was like his mistress, spirited and not quite tamed when they bought him.  But Melody was persistent in training him; no matter how many times he threw her, she got right back on, until she mastered him.

One time, she invited me to take a ride on Joe.  But her father, knowing the horse’s nature, interceded.  She then giggled and admitted she thought it would be funny to see Joe throw me.   I didn’t think it was very funny or good-natured of her, but I took into consideration that she was about 12 years old at the time.  I wasn’t very much inclined to climb aboard Joe.  I could see for myself that he had a mind to throw me.

With attention, Melody’s manners improved considerably, thanks in large part to his father’s companion, who is a retired teacher.  Still, Melody found ways to get into trouble, especially being an atrractive, comely young lady with long flaxen.  She was the epitome of the Country Girl.  Today, she is a respectable, though still spirited, young woman.

Melody made a beautiful bride on her wedding day.  Her husband was not exactly the perfect groom.  Her father was filled with sorrow.  He felt his daughter was marrying the wrong man and there was nothing he could do about it.  Indeed, he was right.  Within ten months, the marriage was over.  Melody’s ex-husband turned out to be an abusive basement boy who kept Melody locked in their apartment.  It was her in-laws who finally rescued her and so the divorce proceeded.

They had to, and still must keep Melody’s whereabouts a secret.  Suffice it to say, excellent horsewoman that she was (she trained people to ride and boasted of a long list of clients), she went West.   Let us say that she is in “Glenn Beck Country.”

Melody knew how to take a fall when a horse threw her.  However, in a contest between her bicycle and automobile, Melody lost.  She survived, but broke a number of bones, cracked her ribs and I believe her skull, and her liver was punctured.  Her father had to fly west to take care of her, as her mother is not up to the task.

Melody will have the best of care, as her maternal grandparents are wealthy.  Had this happened to any of the rest of us, we would be at the mercy of Obamacare.   Even the best medical care, however, needs the assistance of prayer in a case of such severe injuries.  Her father told one of his friends that he might be back in New Jersey in a day.  Or a week.  Or a month.  Or a year.  Or maybe never.  “Never” is an ominous word coming from Melody’s father.  She’s his only child and, as all parents do I suppose, he dotes on her.

So please say a prayer for Melody, her doctors, her father, her grandparents, and all those who care for Melody and want to see her back in the saddle again soon.

Thank you.


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