Wanted: Pot Head

Now that the State of Washington has legalized recreational marijuana, the government is setting up a regulatory body to control its production and commerce.  The Liquor Control Board is looking for a weed expert who knows how best to grow it, dry, test, label, package and cook the stuff into brownies.

A state bidding expert is taking expert is taking applications and conducting the hiring process.  A pot-related conviction, considered a felony but not a “heinous” felony, will not preclude an applicant from being considered.

According to the Associated Press, Washington (and Colorado) are developing rules for every step from how many growers and cannabis stores there should be to how the marijuana should be tested to ensure that people don’t get sick.  Weed dealers will be permitted to peddle their pot beginning in December.

Washington is experienced in regulating all sorts of trade, good socialist state that it is.  “But there are some technical aspects with marijuana we could use a consultant to help us with,” said Mikhail Carpenter, Liquor Control Board spokesman.

Washington is advertising for four consulting services:

  • Product and industry knowledge, with at least three years of consulting experience relating to the knowledge of the cannabis industry.
  • Testing for levels of THC, the compound that gets marijuana users high.
  • Statistical analysis of how much marijuana the state’s licensed growers should produce
  • Development of regulations.  The candidate should have a strong understanding of state, local and federal processes, with a law degree preferred.

Rose Habib, an analytical chemist from a marijuana testing lab in Missoula, Mont., who is bidding for a contest said she is fed up with the federal reefer raids.

“We want to move here [to Washington] and make it work.  We want to be somewhere that this is moving forward and being embraced socially,” she sniffed.

Being that our Society is on the downhill slope, gravity is assisting in speeding up our decline.  The only ones who won’t notice or care are the potheads.



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