Presidents Day 2013

In reflecting on Presidents’ Day 2013, it’s important to question whether we actually have a “president” anymore.  Presidents Day is more like Memorial Day; commemorating presidents of the past rather than what passes for a President in the present and in the foreseeable future.

In the past, the President “presided” over the government.  That is to say, he listened to what was going and made sure what was “going on” conformed to the U.S. Constitution.  He was given certain executive privileges by the People, via the Constitution, which were deliberately designed to be limited.  The current occupant of the Oval Office resentfully champs at these restraints, regarding them as “negative liberties” – meaning he can’t do whatever he bloody well pleases.

Past presidents resided over the separate and equal united States of the American continent.  Our Occupant-in-Chief, in an address to foreign citizens of a foreign country, declared himself a “citizen of the world.”  He advocates a centralized, bureaucratic government not of the people, for the people and by the people, but of, for, and by the bureaucrat, the policy wonk, and the union leader, the illegal immigrant, the pothead, and the federal criminal.

Nearly every president, certainly every modern president, has written at least one biographical book, narrating his (or her) life up until that point and their plan for presiding as leader of the free world.  The guy who stands at the presidential podium wrote not one but two books clearly stating his disdain for America, for free enterprise, and for individual liberty; outlined poorly defined life as the product of a broken home, an unsettled existence, and an education badly suited for a career as President of the United States.

His opponent in the recent campaign was painted as an out-of-touch rich guy with no vested interest in the life of the average American, who supposedly hates gays, women, and immigrants, the very vanguard of the Democrat Party.   Instead of embracing the embodiment of success, Americans, particularly Hispanics, voted for Santa Claus, as Rush Limbaugh so adroitly described him.

In his recent State of the Union address, President Claus touted all the yellowed, out-dated American virtues he disdained throughout his first four years and his second campaign, all the while, tending to his garden of destruction.  Plans are moving right along for a politically communist, communally-repressive, and socially unhinged America.  The Progress of Sustainable Communities, the very death knell of American freedom, is right on schedule.  Our local newspaper was chirping about it just the other day:  how young people yearn to raise their children in cities, where they can leave their children with strangers and barhop all night long.

Meanwhile, he is on yet another “vacation,” playing golf in Florida, isn’t he?  For someone who denounces the upper class so vehemently, he certainly spends a lot of time in country clubs.  Nothing seems to tarnish the Democrat image.  So long as he hands out the taxpayer dollars he’s clubbed us into “donating,” it’s all good.

That’s what they elected from.  They didn’t elect Obama to preside; they elected to provide.

Presidents from Washington to Calvin Coolidge and Ronald Reagan would be appalled by their successor’s policies and behavior.  Other Progressive presidents have preceded him and paved his way smooth.  It’s just that this one, as an old English saying goes, “caps the globe.”   (In other words, ices or frosts the cake.)

The really fashionable Tea Partiers refuse to refer to him as “President.”  You can’t help pronouncing his name; but we don’t have to acknowledge his existence by a title he abuses.





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