Or should we say, hasta la vista, baby?  Clearly, the Republican Party and its Conservative wing are headed for a divorce.  We tried to make it work.  We tried, through our Tea Party action networks to help the GOP stay on its feet.  Sadly for them, too many of our members recognized what the GOP was becoming:  a caricature of itself.  It had become a whining, compromising, apologetic, groveling, servile creature, selling its soul and its values for votes.

The elephant has become a mouse.

Who would vote for such a weak, squeaking, timid thing?  Certainly not the haughty Hispanics, surfeited for generations on tax-payer funded entitlements.   The GOP showed no respect in selling themselves to the Hispanics.  You want to do away completely with immigration laws?  We’ll give that to you?  You don’t want to speak English?  No problemo!  You have no use for Western civilization (even though part of your culture hails from a European background)?  We’ll change the college curriculums for you, so you can pass.  You want higher wages for menial labor?  We’ll subsidize the companies for which you want to work.

Not only did the GOP bend over backwards trying to accommodate Hispanics and Blacks, but they also courted the female vote.  You want to commit murder but defend it as controlling your own body.  The GOP will soften its stance for you.  We’ll look the other way at abortion.  We still have to satisfy our Conservative base by pronouncing it wrong, but pay no attention.  The GOP has your back.

You want equal pay for equal work, although not equal time?  When you do want to have children, you want just enough time with your child to nominally call yourself a mother before hiring a nanny or an au pair and then return to work?  We’ll see to it that companies hold your jobs for you.  We may, in the future, even require that companies open up nurseries and give you enough break time to nurse your child.  Someone else will answer the phone for you in the meantime.

Then there are the homosexuals.  You want to get married?  Well, isn’t that sweet?  Companies make bridal pantsuits for lesbians now and even make tuxedos in women’s sizes.  Of course we won’t discriminate against you.  What do we care who you love and marry?  As long as you vote for us, we’ll throw the rice and dispel those evil spirits that say marriage is between a man and a woman only.  In time, we’ll make sure that you can marry in any church you choose, without the worry of a rebellious clergyman objecting to performing the marriage ceremony.

The young people.  We know what you want; you want your drugs legalized.  It’s a difficult push, but since Progressives are making such headway in other states, it’s only a matter of time before your headstrong parents will cave to peer pressure and for legalization.  We’re nearly there; just be patient, kids.

The budget.  This should have been the last, and strongest, bastion for Republicans.  But even there, Republicans can be “reasonable.”  There are many lawyers and accountants within our own ranks who will benefit by the increasing taxes and regulations with which the decreasing number of actual taxpayers is being burdened.  Don’t worry about the old grayheads.  Thanks to Medicare, they’ve been silenced and Obamacare will finish the job.

There you have, more or less, the Republican Party, as it exists today.  Withered, weak-kneed, corrupt.  We Tea Partiers tried hard to avoid talk of a Third Party.  But clearly this relationship is doomed.  We already have a new party partner in mind, with an obvious name – The Conservative Party.  It has yet to come into existence.  But depend upon it, it is a certain as the sunrise.

Oh sure, we’ll have branding problems at first.  We have more media power than we once had and a conviction we’ve not experienced since Ronald Reagan’s presidency.  Bringing it to the fore will take time.  Time enough for the GOP to merge with the Democrat Party and hang together by its own petard.

The GOP is dead.  Long live the Conservatives!




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