The Sequestration Squeeze




Whose idea was it to use the word “sequestration” to describe the coming budget cuts?  Obama and his shopaholics in the Media are all over the news, squawking like Henny Penny that the sky will fall if we a) cut the budget and b) don’t raise taxes.

The sky will fall!  No wait; the meteor fell in Russia a week or so ago.  Plagues of locust, or at least this year’s flu.  No, well, flu season is nearly over.  They’ll have to close the latrines in public parks!  They’ll fire the firefighters, pull the plug on the police, close the hospital doors!  Cancel Fleet Week!  You idiots, Fleet Week is a big money maker for New York City; that means more “revenue.”

The FDA will have to fire food inspectors!  How about the FDA fires some of those hound dogs who harass small packaging companies as though they were the FBI?  Not going to make much money if the government closes all the small medical packagers who can’t afford the FDA’s $175,000 licensing fee, even though they don’t actually make the products they’re packaging.  These little companies are already no-frills operations.  While the Oval Office Occupant flies off on golf vacations, employees of these little companies eat their lunches out of the microwave on cast-off plastic furniture.  They reuse bubblewrap to send off their sample packages and use old envelopes as note paper in place of sticky pads.

There’s plenty of waste in the government.  Duplication of offices and services.  How about some of those high-paid paper pushers taking a pay cut, or maybe join real Americans on the unemployment line?  Get a real job that actually produces something, which in turn, will create revenue.  That $175,000 would pay for another shift of poor workers in one of those companies’ production rooms.  Instead, the money is going to pay the salary of some useless policy wonk.

Think how much money we would save if we closed most of those bureaucratic buildings in Washington?  That would be quite a savings in heat, electricity, paper, and retirement benefits.  We could stop sending foreign aid money both to countries that are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves as well as countries that hate us.

One department we could certainly do without is the Department of Education, which never should have existed in the first place.  Think of the savings there.  Instead of closing the latrines in national parks, we could close the latrines in the Department of Education building.  The tax money saved there would enable some small company to keep its doors open and employ people to actually do something.

But, no.  Obama wants his budget intact and his tax increases, too.  A man who takes as many vacations as he does, with a wife who spends as much money as his does, doesn’t even know the meaning of the word economy.

When you see him sign the bill to increase our taxes, it will be on the back of our pink slips.

So what’s the deal with this word “sequester?”  We civilians only know it in the sense of “sequestering” a jury; isolating them until they come to a verdict.  That’s a scary prospect to normal people.  However, in consulting the 1937 Dad Dictionary, sequester also means:  “To take possession of by confiscating or appropriating.”

What Obama means by “sequestering” is to take possession of our money and property, both public and private, and use it in his campaign to spread the wealth.  If the Media, including Conservative pundits, would stop doing Obama and his administration the honor of accusing them of being crazy and charge them with the real damage they’re doing intentionally, we might just corral our economy and drag it back up the cliff.

That’s the way ancient hunters used to kill their prey; by driving the herd over a cliff.




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