The Pope Was Pooped




Conspiracy theories abound about why Pope Benedict XVI resigned.  Some say there was scandal waiting to pop out of the Vatican closets.  Others say he was out of touch with modern times and that the Catholic Church wanted someone who would approve of contraception, abortion, divorce, and gay marriage.  Others had apocalyptic fears; the death of the next Pope will herald the rise of the anti-Christ and Pope Benedict didn’t want to be that guy.

Of course, it may be as simple as this:  the Pope was pooped, tired, fatigued.  He’d seen too many past Popes endure the Death Watch, dying as the world waited for them to take their last breath and await the College of Cardinals decide who his successor would be.  Maybe Pope Emeritus Benedict just wants to die in peace and quiet, when his time comes, and not be the subject of a death watch.

Why shouldn’t they be allowed to retire when they’ve had enough?  This was a controversial, unpopular Pope who spoke his mind and defended his church’s teachings.  Pope John Paul II was a hard act to follow:  he was a beloved figure who reached out to the world in his Pope Mobile.  Benedict XVI was willing to reach out.  But he wanted Catholics to return to the church and the teachings of Christ.  He spoke out against the most socially popular, but morally wrong principles:  contraception, abortion, divorce, gay marriage.  He considered church doctrine to be immutable.  God’s  law is fixed; it is not subject to democratic campaigning.

He is living temporarily at Castle Gandolfo in Italy until he decides upon a permanent retreat.  Benedict XVI has been given the honorary title of Pope Emeritus.  In his last farewell and address as Pope he said he would always consider himself a pilgrim on God’s errand.

Be well and be at peace, Pope Emeritus Benedict.  Good for you.




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