Ciao, Chavez.



Does anybody smell sulfur?  That’s probably the smoke from Hell’s newest resident, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.  He died today after a two-year bout with cancer, beginning with a baseball-sized pelvic tumor.

Venezuela is a South American country that was always renowned for its corruption and its nepotism.  While we’d been getting our oil from them for many years, the purchase became more noxious when Chavez came to power on the promise of robbing Venezuela’s wealthy citizens and businesses and buying the poor.  Viva la Socialista.

After Pres. George Bush gave a speech at the United Nations, Chavez followed next onto the podium and delivered a remark on the odor of smoke and sulfur.  The United States was the devil, he declared.  He even blamed America for his cancer.

He went to Cuba for his treatment, that little island country so well-known for its superior medical care.  Not.  We shouldn’t complain.  Had he come to America for treatment, he might have lived longer, rather than dying at 58.

Not only did the occupant of the Oval Office make an outrageous deal to provide Venezuela with all our oil-drilling rigs from the Gulf of Mexico, but he was good comrades with the Socialist leader.  Even now, the Left Wing media is praising him and bidding him to rest in peace.

He leaves behind a legacy of Iranian military bases in Venezuela, the better for the worldwide emirate to include largely Roman Catholic South America in its vicious and intolerant embrace.

In one month, Venezuela goes to the polls to elect a new president.  Experts say there is some hope for a victory for his opponent.  How he’ll achieve that without handing wads of bolivars is anyone’s guess.

At any rate, Hugo Chavez is gone for good.  Good riddance.


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