Gubernatorial Gout



Did you know that the governor of New Jersey (whoever it might be) is the nominally CEO of every health insurer in the state?  Blue Cross Blue Shield is the largest.  But Christie resides over the rest of them as well.  His job is to make sure that the health insurance companies do not make a profit on those unfortunate enough to become ill.

Initially, Gov. Christie rejected Obamacare and the state mandate.  Yesterday, however, he announced his new proposed budget that will rely on Obamacare to expand health care to more than 100,000 working-poor New Jerseyans through the Medicaid program, while claiming to save the state $228 million.

According to the N.J. Star Ledger, Christie “trumpeted his decision to dedicate $50 million in state money – $10 million more than the current year, to support the state’s 105 federally-qualified health centers.”

Our noble governor is singing Obama’s tune.  Obama’s intention all along has been to bankrupt the state’s and force everyone – insured, uninsured, employed, unemployed, self-employed, self-supporting – into the government health insurance corral.

“About 50,000 patients – some insured, some not – get their medical and dental care from Metropolitan Family Health Network in Jersey City (where he held his press conference), which receives $805,000 in state funding, the governor said.

“’Without this center, many residents would go without essential primary health care,’” he said.

“Christie said he did not consult with the other seven Republican governors who supported the Medicaid expansion when he made his decision about two weeks ago.  ‘I had experts inside the state,’ he said, gesturing toward Human Services Commissioner Jennifer Velez who accompanied him.

“He set aside his misgivings about the Affordable Care Act – commonly known as Obamacare – and agreed to accept billions of dollars in federal funds to provide health insurance through Medicaid.  “Expanding Medicaid will mean more New Jerseyans at or above the poverty line will have access to health care services beginning in January 2014,’ he said.

The obvious answer to Unaffordable Care is to act to cut the costs to the policyholders; to deregulate the industry and yes, pare down what the policy will cover.  Delete coverage for the sniffles, sneezes and coughs due to colds, the migraine headaches, the ulcers, and above all the family planning.

Health insurance would be far less costly if it were limited to serious injuries, major surgeries, and catastrophic illnesses.  The cost of medications would go down considerably if the FDA were reined in.  The FDA, thanks to whistleblowers who got a piece of the ligital action took Par Pharmaceuticals, a N.J.-based company to court for $42 million for filling subscriptions for a medication that treated anorexia in AIDS patients but worked equally well for geriatric patients.

Doctors were allowed to prescribe this drug – Megace ES – to their geriatric patients.  But Par didn’t have the FDA’s permission to sell it to anyone but AIDS patients.  To do so, the company would have to pay a hefty licensing fee, and take another four years of trials on a drug the FDA had already tested, to insure its efficacy on geriatric patients.

Depend on our Progressive newspapers to paint Par Pharma as a money-grubbing, evil Big Pharma only interested in sales.  Little mention is made of the patients whom the drug helped and could help.  By the time the FDA makes its tidy, bureaucratic sum (Par Pharma must pay a $175,000 a year fee to be licensed to produce generic drugs and its packagers, small companies who barely even see that kind of money in profit), the patients will have already died.  Dying of anorexia is not a pretty sight.

But then, they’re just old people.  They’re not politically critical constituents like gay AIDS patients who can latch onto the idiotic sensitivities of the younger generation.  The FDA is not going to let a chance to make a buck get by them.

If there were a cure for cancer, you can be sure it would not be sped to market any sooner than the FDA goons would allow in order to line their bureaucratic pockets.  Par Pharma will have to pass the costs onto the customers.  In typical government fashion, when the price becomes too exorbitant for the geriatric patients to pay, the bureaucrats will blame the “evil” drug companies and then extort the taxpayers for the money to pay for it.

It’s enough to make you sick.  In a few years, New Jerseyans will be on their weak knees groveling before this miserable tyrant sitting in the Oval Office, with our governor at his side.











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