Just Say “No” to Rapists?



That is the advice of Democrat Strategist Zerlina Maxwell for rape victim Amanda Collins.  Collins has a valid concealed-carry permit but was still prevented by the University of Nevada-Reno’s rules from carrying the gun on campus.

Sen. Evie Hudak, a Democrat from Colorado assured Amanda that statistics (provided by the Colorado Coalition Against Gun Violence) were not on her side even if she had a gun.  The rapist would have gotten it away from her.  She further mocked Collins for having studied Tae Kwon Do, which still didn’t save her.

A parade of Progressive professors and students testified that they would feel intimidated if a female student like Collins was allowed to carry a concealed weapon into class.  Experts have offered a litany of advice for women on how to avoid being raped:  

  • Vomit or soil yourself
  • Don’t wear ponytails (all the easier for the rapist to grab you with)
  • Avoid wearing long, thin skirts that make it difficult to run, overalls and jumpers are better for fending off rapists
  • Ditto high heeled shoes; sneakers are faster and steel-toed shoes are best for kicking creeps in the shins.
  • Don’t wear elastic pants and skirts; not that any self-respecting college co-ed would anyway.  Elastic is for the elderly.
  • Yell in a loud voice
  • Scream.  Witnesses can than report that you were simply “enjoying” some “wild sex” and so they went on their way
  • If the rapist is in your car with you, crash the car into a tree or other stationary object; of course, if your rapist dies, you could be charged with manslaughter.
  • Beware of vans
  • Fight, bite, scratch and poke
  • Wear black, the power color (it’s the official color of New York City)
  • Don’t walk alone at night

Well, the last one is probably the most sensible advice but sometimes we females just don’t have a choice.  Some of us have night jobs or night classes.  Some of the advice is from my own experiences working in New York City, where night comes very quickly in the winter.  But according to Maxwell, the best way to avoid being raped is to just say, “No.”  Only pornography tells us that “No!” is the most popular expression.

 Yeah.  Just saying, “No;” that’ll work.  The bill, which would reverse a state Supreme Court ruling that forces  colleges to accommodate students with concealed carry permits, passed the committee on a 3-2 party line vote.  Of course, the Democrats said no.  Because we all know that pretty co-ed with the blonde ponytail wearing the mini-skirt and stiletto heels is just asking for it.  She’s the real danger.  She’s a moral hazard.  And you want to put a gun in her hand?  Why, she might shoot the poor, innocent rapist who thought she was asking for it.  Frankly, if I were back in school and I had a choice between sitting next to that girl with the conceal-and-carry gun or the greasy geek in the back of the class wearing an AC-DC shirt with skulls on it who never talks to anyone, not even the professor, never participates in class, and never smiles, I think I’d chose the pistol-packin’ Petunia.

There was a girl at my college who was regularly beaten by her boyfriend.  The girl in the green car, we called her.  Pretty blonde with a good figure.  She’d get into her boyfriend’s car and as soon as the doors were locked, he’d proceed to pummel her.  One of these performances was during a lecture in our Mystery and Science Fiction Literature class on James Bond.  The class was in a building on The Air Strip.  The professor asked us how long this had been going on.  All semester, we told him.  Why didn’t she just get out?  Why didn’t someone do something?  Guys had called security but they couldn’t do anything because she stayed in the car with him.  Some guys did come running but they couldn’t get the doors open.

I pleaded with her to just open the door and get out.  He screamed at me to mind my own business.  She shook her head sadly.  The boyfriend gunned the engine and drove off towards the exit.

Once, I took a speechwriting class in Philadelphia.  Because I’d registered late, I had to stay in another hotel in a bad neighborhood near The Mart.  One night I was hungry and decided to get something to eat at The Mart.  No fool I, I saw that it was getting dark and took my titanium monopod ahead of me.  Next door was the local welfare office.  Street men lined both sides of the sidewalk.  Up ahead of me was a young girl who realized too late that she was going to have to run the gamut; the sidewalk on the other side of the street was closed.

As she passed them, they groped at her and harassed her until she was screaming.  Frightened but finally free, she ran for it.  Now it was my turn.  I held up my bright red monopod, its titanium head gleaming in the twilight of the street lamps.  The men turned their faces either to the wall of the building or the street and stood at attention, still as statues, until I had passed.

The next time I signed up for one of those courses, I made sure I booked early and didn’t bother with any sightseeing as I was alone.

The only problem with conceal and carry is the conceal part.  Women should be able to wear their guns like the gunslingers of the Old West or Princess Leia in Star Wars.  Yes, they should be aware of their surroundings and not wander down any dark alleys or empty streets where there are no people, only shadows flitting about.

But just say “No”?  Well, the rapist might just fall down in a fit of hysterical laughter and choke on his own spittle.





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  1.    My solution for those who rape has something to do with a locked cage and an oversexed 500 hundred pound gorilla on public T.V.  but it would never work.  The A.C.L.U. would feel sorry for the rapist and the animal rights people would feel sorry for the gorilla.  

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