No Immediate Crisis?





The Media owes Republican Congressman Joe Wilson an apology for excoriating him when he called Obama a liar in 2009 during Obama’s pitch for his health care plan.  Congress should award him some sort of legislator’s Medal of Honor for having the courage to call the guy a liar to his face.  50,000 pages of additional health care regulations proves that Wilson was right on target.

Why aren’t more people just coming right out and calling Obama a liar?  Yesterday, the triple O (Oval Office Occupant) claimed there’s no immediate economic crisis.  Well, that depends upon your definition of “crisis.”  To a Communist like Obama, a burgeoning bureaucracy (which accounts for the rise in “employment”), an increase in welfare distribution, a 50,000 tower of No-You-Can’ts, rising taxes, and inflationary pricing isn’t a crisis; it’s utopia.  Capitalism is well down the road to economic ruin and collapse, which means everything is all right with the Communist world.  True, they lost a champion in Hugo Chavez, but he left this Earth knowing it was in trustworthy hands.

If you believe in liberty of contract, free enterprise, individual initiative, and personal privacy, we are definitely in crisis mode, which Obama is certainly now allowing to go to waste.  Here’s the straight scoop from Right Change’s Facebook site:

The government spends:   $10 billion per day

                                              $3.6 trillion per year

The deficit for this year is:  $900 billion

Our current debt is:           $16.68 trillion

The projected deficit for 10 years from now (2023):  $26 trillion

As of today, the debt per citizen is $52,906.  The debt per taxpayer is $147,432.  The Federal government spends $3.5 trillion dollars.  It’s tax revenue is $2.5 trillion.  We’re $1.03 trillion dollars short.  Total U.S. debt is not a mere $16 trillion; it’s $59.2 trillion and growing.  The total debt per citizen is $187,575.

The largest guzzler of taxpayer money is Medicare/Medicaid at $813 billion, followed closely by Social Security at $776 billion, and national defense at $666 billion.  There is also the mysterious category of “Income Security” at $352 billion, the interest on all the debt at $223 billion, and finally, Federal pensions at $214 billion.  That comes to about the $3 trillion dollars on the U.S. Debt Clock, give or take $500 billion, a sum somewhere between Defense and Income Security (both of which are going down, “thanks” to the Sequester).

Foreign countries, led by China hold nearly $5.6 trillion dollars of our debt.  The tell-tale sign of our debt crisis is the $123 trillion in unfunded liabilities.  That’s the money we’re spending that we don’t have.  That’s $1 million per taxpayer.  $16 trillion of that unfunded liability is Social Security, which is dwarfed by the $21 trillion in prescription drug money we’re carrying.

Obama’s optimism must arise from the fact that the Federal Reserve is printing out nearly $3 trillion dollars in paper money.  Why that’ll just solve everything, won’t it?!  There’s no crisis here.  Obama can make the crisis go away just like magic.

He doesn’t want to panic because he might have to stop sending bribe money to the Middle East and he wouldn’t be able to spend millions on golf vacations.  He also needs our money to keep himself and his cronies in power.  Communist revolutions don’t happen on misinformation, intimidation, and brainwashing alone.  They require money in order to buy those votes and allow the dictator to live in the style no one else will be allowed to become accustomed.

This is a them versus us situation, the situation they claim the evil Capitalists created.  When the Us’s suddenly realize they’ve become the “Thems,” that’s when Obama will admit there’s a crisis.  And he’ll be right; that’s when the real Revolution occurs – that moment when the Us’s realize they’ve been lied to and can no longer be bought off.  That’s just the history of dictatorships and tyranny.



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