Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey’s Three-Ring Congress




Liberals guffawed when Ronald Reagan, a Democrat-Turned-Conservative, ran for President of the United States.  ‘An actor as a president!’ they scoffed.   ‘Who’s his Vice President going to be?  Bonzo?!’

Never mind that he’d once been Governor of California.  They weren’t laughing at him in the Sixties.  He was one tough dude and they hated him in the Golden State.   Maybe if there was a Ronald Reagan today, the state wouldn’t be bleeding businesses (take note of that, Nephew, before you move there.  We moved there when your Dad and I were very little.  Uncle T. promised our father a land of milk and honey and good-paying jobs.  The only job he could get – and he had a college degree – was as a security guard.  If we’d waited, Reagan would have been governor and there probably would have been jobs.).

Since Al Franken won a seat in Congress – in the Senate, no less – everyone in Hollywood wants to get in on the act.  Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore is trying to recruit ultra-Liberal Hollywood stars to run for office.  Moore’s A-List includes Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, George Clooney, Tom Hanks, Oprah Winfrey, and Geraldo Rivera.

The casting call is open for all Democrat-leaning actors and actresses to not only throw their considerable money into the ring, but their hats, as well.  They’ve got all the right qualities for today’s modern politics:  major face recognition; public-speaking skills; a devoted fan base; plenty of money; and many connections.  They’re all well-drilled in the Progressive agenda; they can recite it by heart.

Let’s face, when you’re a young adult in the voting booth and the Senate contest is between Tom Smith and Tom Hanks, you’re going to go with the known quantity.  Tom Hanks is a great actor.  A whole generation has grown up with Hanks from his boyish television series to his flight to the moon to the absolutely fabulous performances in The Polar Express, experimenting with new technology and of course his film romances with Meg Ryan.  Yessir, you can trust Hanks.

Real people are too prosaic and dull to run for office.  It gets pretty hot under those lights and you have to have the hide of a RINOceros to take it.  You’ve got to be a pretty good actor to smile while you’re lying to the people who’ve elected you.  You have to have a good memory, as well, to remember all the different lies you tell.  A good memory is essential to a good actor.  You have to able to memorize scripts, along with speeches, tweets, blogs, and talking points.

Geraldo Rivera is a choice example because not only is he a performer but an accredited journalist.  He’s been out there, taking the politicians on, mano a mano.  Yet he can still cry on cue for the oppressed, underprivileged children in our society.  Bill Clinton has nothing on Geraldo or even Obama (certainly not Obama) for showing how much he cares.  Why would you vote for a boring, stoic  Republican when you can have melodrama and fireworks with Geraldo?

Having these people in Congress for no other reason than to con the American people into accepting the Progressive agenda would turn Congress into a three-ring circus, with the people on the sidelines as spectators rather than informed citizens.  The Progressives don’t want a representative government.  So, the political machines on both sides of the aisles vet their candidates for the worst possible characters, greedy and corrupt, deceitful and arrogant.  They want candidates who are in no way accountable to the voting public.

They need chaos in order to completely overturn our system.  We’ve witnessed the progress of democracy in the Middle East.  Once the mobs jump into the ring, it’s better than a three-ring circus.  Here in the U.S., we have all sorts of segmented minorities clamoring for their “civil rights;” to be treated equally.  All men are created equal, but they don’t behave equally.  That’s why we have prisons, mental institutions, universities, and successful companies.

Being American should not be a spectator sport with ringers in the seats of power, while puppet-masters like Michael Moore and George Soros pull the strings.




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