SEX!! And the Sequester

Some well-known adages address the subject of the sex; the main common principle is that Sex Sells!  Advertisers and television producers know it well.  So do middle and high school teachers.  Just try to fight those raging hormones.  The Socialist educators depend upon it.

Our obsession with sex is evident in the national dismay over the legalization of homosexual marriage.  Marriage between a man and woman is one of the bedrock foundations of our society.  Like the Walls of Jericho, the Progressives have trumpeted the civil rights of homosexuals and other deviants long enough around the Walls of Jericho, our society, that they’re ready to come tumbling down.

We’re so obsessed with it – with some justification – that we don’t see the thieves drilling holes through the legislative walls to get to our money.  Cyprus is both example and warning to us of what is coming if we don’t keep our priorities straight.  Cyrprus has finally opened its banks, but the citizens of Cyprus are now extremely limited in how they may use their money.  They must justify every purchase.  The Cyrpus will not simply allow citizens to withdraw their money; they must account for the expenditures.  Cyprus has declared that the money no longer belongs to the citizens but to the state, which will determine how it will be used.

Our Democrat Congress and their Progressive Republican allies have already outlined plans for usurping our IRAs and 401k plans.  Obamacare will bankrupt the average American, not to mention degrading our medical care.  But never mind that; the Queers, the Gays, the Lesbians and other minority grade groups are out there kissing up a storm, giving Middle Class America the finger.

The young have no skin in the game.  They haven’t earned enough to save for retirement.  They don’t understand what’s at stake for older Americans.  They don’t understand that one day, they will be old.  They think that the government will care for them in their old age.  The notion that older people have outlived their usefulness hasn’t even entered their consciousness and even if it has, they’re not worried.  They’re young.  They’re part of the “in-crowd”.

I often think back to my youth, back to when I was a young, size 8.  I had a good figure then, abundant energy, the joy of the future.  And in the era of Reagan, the possibilities were endless.  Old age seemed a lifetime away, although I was careful to save for it.  Having grown up in a family with historical ties to the legend of Social Security, I was educated in its intent and in its flaws.  I knew I couldn’t depend upon it and acted accordingly, or at least, as best I could.

Homosexual marriage is wrong; it’s a blasphemy against God, no matter how much we might pity them.  The men of Sodom were no Queer Eyes for the Straight Guy, essentially harmless effetes.  They were violent and vicious, possibly the cast-off adherents of the Egyptian god Seth or Set, god of war and violence, who raped his own brother.  The mob that surrounded Lot’s house to the last man and boy threatened Lot if he didn’t release the two visitors who had come to see him with worse than what they would do to the strangers.

The angels rescued Lot from the grip of the mob by blinding them.  Today, it is we who are blind.  We are as distracted by sex as any schoolboy leering at the scantily clad girl two seats ahead of him.  It’s not that the issue is important.  But it is important that we understand the issue of homosexual marriage is a diversion.

While we’re in our bedrooms defending our family lifestyle, the thieves are in the downstairs den, robbing us of our money and our independence.  We must not let horror and disgust of a minor, dysfunctional lifestyle and its imprecations on our social foundation distract us from the financial ruin they are plotting.

Sex sells (especially to the young and ignorant) and sex distracts.





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