We the People Rally of New Jersey

Yes!!  The rallies are back!!  And we can bring our home-made signs, too!  After four years of belly aching and talking to brick walls about how the rallies are the most important aspect of the Tea Party movement because they’re what bring people together, make them feel as if their voices are being heard, and send a message to the Progressives that we’re not going to change, we’re finally back to the basics:  the rallies.

The We the People rallies will be held on April 13 and 14 (Saturday and Sunday, depending on the county) throughout the 21 counties in New Jersey.  The rallies are a gathering of groups to stand up for all our Constitutional rights: especially the 2nd  (Right to Bear Arms), 1st (freedom of speech, assembly and religious expression) , and 10th (rights reserved to the States and the People). These Rallies are being held in Counties throughourt NJ on 4/13 and 4/14 depending the county.   We hope this will be a uniting of groups to turn back the government assault on our Constitutional rights by and expanding and overreaching government.

These rallies are supported by NJ2AS, the NJ Constitution Party, NJ Libertarian Party, NJ Fair Tax activists, and the NJ Tea Party Caucus. Find us on Facebook: We the People of NJ.  Map and directions

The government is coming after everything:  our money (higher taxes), our property (Agenda 21), our neighborhoods, our children (Common Core), our freedom of speech, and our guns.  Congress came to a compromise yesterday on gun legislation.  Thanks to the polls, they said yes to stiffer background checks but not to gun registration.  We know the Congressional and we know we can’t count on them.  How much of a coincidence is it that they came to this “compromise” just before the New Jersey rallies?

The Passaic County rally will be held Sunday, April 14 at 2 p.m. at Veterans Alliance Park, 55 Mountainview Boulevard, Wayne, N.J.

Passaic County is an hour-glass shaped county.  Its lower half is completely urban; it’s northern half is suburban, exurban and rural.  The farther north you go, the more gun-lovers you’ll find.  You suburbanites need to attend this.  We know you don’t exactly cheer when a hunter bags a baby bear cub on Route 23.  We know you’re nervous around guns.  But this isn’t about hunting deer and bear; this is about protecting our lives, our liberty and means of happiness.

The idea of going head to head with a government army seems unthinkable.  You’d probably rather just bury your heads in your work, your laptops, and your gardens.  You must trust us – the government is coming and they’re the enemy, not our friends.  Sedition and treason are ugly words.  But who is really threatening our way of governing our country and our way of life?  The hunters with the rifles?  Or the government bureaucrats with their regulations, fines, taxes, and even threat of imprisonment.  They would argue that we have representatives.  But those legislators are not representing us.  They’re representing a philosophy alien and hostile to freedom and liberty.  Without the means to protect those rights, they will vanish like your money on tax day.  Gone.  And there won’t be any refund.

As Jack Fiamingo of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society says, “NOW IS THE TIME to let our Senate Leadership know that we do not want *ANY* further gun control legislation passed. Despite any good intentions they may have, unless these bills punish criminal behavior while leaving the rights of free citizens alone, we cannot accept them. We need to make this point PERFECTLY CLEAR!

“I am asking you each to start making multiple daily phone calls to as many Senators as possible especially Democrat Leadership and members of the Law & Public Safety Committee. They need your advice and council on what to do with these bills. The answer is to STOP THESE BILLS! Keep those phones and FAXES *BURNING*! Write letters (especially hand written), stop in at their offices. DO IT ALL WEEK!”

Come to the rally in Wayne, Passaic County residents.  You carry one of the highest tax burdens in the country.  Come exercise your right to speak out, while you still have the right.



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  1.    It should be made clear.  We conservatives are not trying to take anything away from anybody.  The progressives are the ones doing the taking.

       Melody just out of surgery and all went very well.

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