Get A Life

“Get a life!”  That’s the advice “Hanoi Jane” had for the Vietnam veterans who remember her treasonous propaganda clips for the communist Viet Cong army.  They remember her sitting on an anti-aircraft gun, denouncing the United States for “causing” the conflict in Southeast Asia.

That was the early 1970s.  Fonda went on to marry Ted Turner and to star in a number of movies as well as some successful work-out videos.  Improbably, her latest role will be as former First Lady Nancy Reagan.  This role follows hard on the heels of Meryl Streep’s unflattering portrayal of the late former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

When a Fox News reporter recently asked Fonda if she was as concerned for the three million Cambodians who perished in the infamous killing fields, she responded that she was more concerned that the U.S. presence “caused” their deaths.  They wouldn’t have died if we hadn’t been there, according to Fonda.

Many freedom-loving Vietnamese died before we got there, in any significant numbers, that is.  We’d been in Vietnam since the Truman Administration – a Democrat president put us there.  Another Democrat president, Kennedy, sent advisors, although he publicly claimed he was against the war.  And it was another Democrat president – Johnson – who drastically increased our military presence there.

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men, however, cannot win a war you don’t want to let them win.   The Communists murdered millions of liberty-minded Vietnamese, and assassinated a duly-elected president in order to get their way.

The Chinese badly wanted the oil in the China Sea for their military, just as they want the rare earth mineral in Afghanistan, and are willing to see thousands of Americans die to clear the Taliban off so they can stake their claims.  Because we’re so indebted to them financially, Obama feels we have ‘no choice’ but to do their bidding.

No, we shouldn’t have been in Vietnam.  Or rather, we shouldn’t have had to be in Vietnam.  But that tiny country was being menaced by a despotic ideology.  Those who resisted early on in the north were swiftly dispatched.  Outnumbered, the South Vietnamese pleaded for help and Americans answered the call.

We got involved and we should have been more committed to the involvement and finished the job swiftly and efficiently.  Thanks to propagandists like Fonda and Walter Cronkite, popular opinion was turned against the war.  Instead of ending quickly, it dragged on for 11 years, driving up the casualty count to over 47,000.  Those 47,000 didn’t have the chance to “get a life” as the survivors did.  They gave their lives for a people they didn’t know.   The great Liberal question was what was the war all about?  Nothing.

Not exactly.  It was about oil.  It was about a balance of power.  And it was about freedom… and freedom lost as the last U.S. helicopters left Saigon.  We left behind two million Cambodians who still dreamt of freedom and Ho Chi Minh’s Communists, the Khmer Rouge, did the same thing to the anti-Communists that Lenin, Stalin, and Mao did to their dissidents – they killed, or imprisoned and tortured them.

That’s what we should be concerned about, “Hanoi Jane.”  She apologized after her Vietnam Era escapades threatened to ruin her acting career permanently.  Now she’s got something new to apologize for.

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