Blame the Tea Party

The smoke in Boston’s Copley Square had barely cleared before Left-Wing pundits began to blame the Tea Parties for the bombings, even suggesting that some Right-Wing nut-job had set the bombs off.

Even if no Tea Partier was responsible for the bombing, even if it turns out, as the evidence is slowing pointing to, that it was:

Check one:   





         __Al Qaeda



Check one:   __terrorists






         __government crisis actors

..were responsible, it’s still possible to blame the Conservative Tea Partiers because they hate:





                     __Al Qaeda





                     __gay marriage



                     __the Earth

                     __the Government




                     __gun control

                     __food control

                     __speech control

                     __energy control


                     __Karl Marx

                     __Josef Stalin

                     __Mao Tse Tung

                     __Ho Chi Minh



                     __taxes (it was April 15th, after all)

                     __the Poor




                     __the Pill



                     __the United Nations (think of all those international flags that were destroyed!)

                     __illegal aliens

                     __undocumented aliens

                     __illegal immigrants

                     __undocumented immigrants

                     __foreign languages

                     __Agenda 21

                     __Smart Growth

                     __Smart Cars

                     __Smart Meters

                     __Common Core


                     __the handicapped

                     __the disabled

                     __the crippled

                     __the mentally retarded

                     __the mentally insane

                     __the developmentally challenged

                     __the development of transit villages

                     __mass transit


                     __the Media

You should have heard them at the We the People Tea Party in Wayne, N.J. on Sunday, April 14th.  Talking about the right to free speech, which is the Number One item in the Bill of Rights, and the right to bear arms, second only to Item Number One.  Why, it’s obvious they want to kill everyone.  They stood with their backs against a cold north wind to listen to the speakers champion their right to free speech, arms, their private property and their private children education they claim is “imperiled” by Common Core.  Why, Common Core is just a test.  That proves they’re certifiable.

 Look at what they love: 



                        __the right to pursue happiness

                        __private property

                        __gas guzzling cars and SUVs

                        __big houses

                        __lots of stuff


                        __the Bible (try to reconcile those two; well, you can if you look at the Old Testament; but then, you’d learn the truth about the Palestinians and their cause)

                        __the Constitution

                        __the Declaration of Independence

                        __the Founding Fathers

                        __the two-party system (meaning someone could have a different point-of view on issues)



                        __BB guns

                        __machine guns

                        __automatic weapons


                        __traditional family values

                        __marriage between a man and a woman

                        __big sodas

                        __big cheeseburgers



                        __stay-at-home Moms






These Tea Partiers actually believe in God and the Bible, individual and property rights, interest-bearing accounts, investments, stockholding, savings accounts, and teaching their children that there’s right and wrong, good and evil, black and white, and freedom and tyranny, not to mention men and women who, while they’re equal, are still different, if you can believe that.

There’s no telling what they might do in their violent nationalism.  The World Trade Center 12 years ago (it was all a government intervention you know, complete with laser rays, thermite and crisis actors.  If they try to tell you that thermite doesn’t explode, it burns, don’t listen them.  It’s a trick!  Science is the worst thing to ever happen to civilization, next to the Bible.), Sandy Hook last December, the Boston Marathon horror yesterday.  Who knows what will be next?  Perhaps they’ll try for the Statue of Liberty next, or the something-K run for Cancer on Mother’s Day.  Blowing up cancer-surviving Moms as they run across the George Washington Bridge on their way from Bear Mountain to New York City.  Anything, so long as they can blame it on one of the aforementioned groups.

Watch out for these Tea Partiers, people.  You never know what they might have hidden under their tri-corn hats.







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