Lest We Forget 9/11

The Liberals urged us to put the original 9/11 attacks behind us.  They never were very happy about the attacks, other than that the hijackers destroyed a hated symbol of Western Capitalism.  That was great, but the attacks also created an unintended backlash of united patriotic fervor.  People started chanting “U.S.A.!  U.S.A!  U.S.A.!” 

They had to wait for the unifying grief and anger to abate before they could begin attacking the country again.  The war in Iraq provided the perfect platform to begin tearing the country down again as an empirical, colonizing super-power, rife with every sort of –ism and phobia.  Racism.  Bigotry.  Misogyny.  Intolerance.  Homophobia.  Colonialism.  Capitalism.  Disrespect for minorities.  The Liberals eventually got the country back on its eternal Guilt Trip.

Freedom was an antiquated notion, though no more “antiquated” than Communism which began in the 19th Century.  Freedom is not nearly as “antiquated” as tyranny, which dates back to the ancient Romans and the Egyptians, who were actually Grecian ex-patriates who enslaved the real Egyptians.

Yes, the Liberals thought the 9/11 “Never Forget” era was forgotten.  So it was, too, until last week when the builders of the 9/11 mosque, looking to expand their building found a piece of the wing wedged between two buildings, a five-foot trailing edge flap support structure, rather than a piece of the landing gear.  A piece of the landing gear crashed through the building where the mosque is now, plummeting straight to the cellar, gutting the building.

The police aren’t certain which plane the debris came from, though it wouldn’t be hard to speculate that it came from the plane that hit the South tower, which was flying northward.  If the landing gear and the wing landed three blocks from Ground Zero, where must the forward section of the plane have landed?  How much farther north?

In any case, this resurrected piece of the 9/11 aircraft serves as a reminder that we should never stop searching for the truth.  Whether we’re looking for the truth about Benghazi, the Boston Marathon bombing, or 9/11, we must never stop insisting on transparency and justice.  We must never forget that we were attacked and never forget that it was an unwarranted attack.  Of the cadre of hijackers on 9/11, 19 were from Saudi Arabia.

These were all attacks against freedom and liberty.  They were the acts of tyrants, thugs, and theocrats who would impose their will upon a free world.  Terror and fear are mighty weapons that can cause the timid to falter, to accept conspiracy theories, to accept blame where no fault exists, and to accept infringements upon their freedom in the name of security.

Now is the time to ask questions and demand answers from our government.  Charged with our national security, this administration’s performance is not only unacceptable, but bordering on treason.  Saudi Arabia claims to fear for its governance, yet it unabashedly funds, with oil money, the Wahhabist schools, some right here in the United States, that brainwash and train future terrorists.

Open the Keystone Pipeline and put an end to dependence upon Arabian and South American oil.  When we cut the terrorist pipeline, we will deprive them of the fuel to come here and wreak havoc, kill innocent Americans, and put our freedoms – of speech, self-defense, and religion – at risk.

Make it suck to be a Saudi.

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