The IRS Targets the Tea Parties

Do reporters even know the meaning of the word “deadline” anymore?  We know don’t know the meaning of the words “objectivity,” “research” or “truth.”  If you thought they were a little late reporting the truth about Benghazi, that’s nothing to sloth in reporting the fact that the IRS has been targeting the Tea Parties, as well as other groups.

Actually, what they’re reporting on is the IRS’ apology to the Tea Parties for harassing them, forcing them to fill out long, probing questionnaires about their meetings, their donors, their speeches, and even insisting that boards of directors of non-profit Tea Parties submit their resumes.

It’s about time the IRS apologized; but at least they apologized.  We’re still waiting for an apology from the mainstream Media which took every opportunity to mock, belittle and marginalize these citizen groups.  They’ve called us every name in the book:  fascists, racists, homophobes, misogynists, Truthers, Birthers, geezers.  You name it, we’ve been called that name.

The Big Tea Party organizations, the national groups, may have Big Money behind them, and so what if they do?  They can also afford to pay accountants and lawyers to handle the government paperwork.  IRSing the local Tea Parties is like auditing the local PTA.  How much did you make selling those cupcakes; and what’s in them?  The FDA is on your trail, too.

Our local Tea Parties initially operated on a zero budget.  Everything was voluntary.  Morristown Tea Party’s second president was/is a lawyer.  He saw to it that MTP obtained the proper non-profit designation.  There are two kinds; one has to do with community activities, the other, with promoting candidates for office.

Other than security, everything MTP did on its first rally was voluntary.  Someone volunteered to do sound, another to erect a podium.  Someone volunteered to rent tables.  One guy, the Flag Man, volunteered to set up small American flags all around the Morristown Green and picked them up again afterwards.  Then, after the rally, a group volunteered to restore The Green to its original condition, where flowers and plants might have been trampled.

Ringers appeared at the meetings trying to steer the Tea Parties away from their original course – that of a limited government on a limited budget.  The House of Representatives just passed a bill denying wage earners overtime?  Presumably, the Facebook post meant federal government wage earners.  Well, isn’t that just too bad?

There are more important issues to worry about than a long-overdue apology by the IRS.  At least now we’ve gotten the Media’s attention.  That can only be because average people are starting to pay attention.  Perhaps they’re having second thoughts about calling us lunatics, right-wing fringe nuts and so forth since the Benghazi story we’ve been trying to tell them about since before the election proved true.  Twelve redactions and we still haven’t gotten to the bottom of Benghazi yet.  Clearly, the Administration wants to draw attention away from the Libyan problem.

We also have the Obamacare problem.  The Common Core problem.  The Muslim Brotherhood problem.  The national debt problem.  The unemployment problem.  The Islamic terrorist problem.  The Smart Growth problem.  The abortion problem.  The gay marriage problem.  The gun-grab problem (The American President was on last night.  “I’m going to get those guns!” the movie president declared).  The illegal immigrant problem.  The government, with Janet Napolitano in the lead, is going to repurpose and re-title the illegal aliens.  They will now be called “Wealth Redistribution Specialists.”

That’s a lot of problems, isn’t it?  But our worst problem is The Ostrich Problem.  Too many Americans are sticking their heads in the sand (or in a cloud of marijuana fumes) and not speaking up.  Some don’t even realize these things are, and should be, problems.  They think aborting babies is cool and whether gay couples marry is none of our business.  Global warming or global cooling; what difference does it make?  The Northeast has been experiencing a cool spell the last few weeks.  Let’s hit the global panic button.  Let’s not remember that the Northeast experienced a similar cool spell in the Spring of 1977.  That year, there was a heat wave during my brother’s college graduation, and rain, rain, rain the week of my high school graduation.  In 1911, it was so cold in Buffalo, N.Y., that Niagara Falls froze over.

Gads!  This isn’t the first time I’ve had to bring my pansies and impatiens in overnight.  I’ll have to bring them in again tonight.  What’s the big deal?  That’s the trouble with fuzzy-minded people who believe emotional IQ is more important than intellectual IQ. 

Hillary Clinton was once considered the smartest person in the room.  She was supplanted by Obama, who once he ascended the throne, claimed the title.  He’s smart enough now to throw Hillary under the bus over Benghazi to gain the support of Democrat hopefuls for 2016.  He’s a rat.  She’s rat.  She did the groundwork back when Bill was healthier and president for universal healthcare, which now bears Obama’s name.  Twenty years ago, smarter voters were in charge.  We had a Republican (such as it was), reasonably Conservative Congress that shot it down and questioned her place, as First Lady, in making national policy.

She was given Middle Eastern bona fides for sporting the Muslim headdress and traveling around the area with Chelsea in tow.  But something went wrong in Libya and it’s going to be Obama’s head in a noose if it’s discovered that he was sending arms to Syria.  The Democrats tried to make that charge stick to Pres. Reagan but it didn’t work.  Obama’s a lame duck, but he’s got a lot of wannabees riding on his coattails.  Hillary’s going to get thrown under the bus and Obama will probably be made President of Harvard University or at the very least, the University of Chicago.

Oh…this post was supposed to be about the IRS apologizing for targeting Tea Party Conservatives five years ago.  Yeah.  Well, that train has not only left the station but they’ve torn up the tracks and turned the station into a museum.


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