Obama in the Path of the IRS Tornado

As Lois Lerner, Director of the Tax-Exempt Division of the IRS, was not testifying before Congress today, police departments and security from the Department of Homeland Security were protecting IRS offices around the country yesterday from the Tea Party menace.  Lerner may not have had much to say about the scandal, which she acknowledged while claiming she’d broken no laws, but the Tea Parties who had gathered to protest the scandal, did.

According to Fox News, Lerner refused to answer questions today at a House hearing on the program, as a Democratic lawmaker warned there would be “hell to pay” if the agency stonewalls Congress on its investigation. 

Nevertheless, Lois Lerner invoked the Fifth Amendment, declaring she would not testify or answer questions on the advice of counsel, citing her Constitutional right. 

“I will not answer any questions or testify about the subject matter of this committee’s meeting,” she said.  “I have not done anything wrong,” she said emphatically. “I have not broken any laws. I have not violated any IRS rules or regulations, and I have not provided false information to this or any other Congressional committee.”

Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said that given her other remarks, she may have “effectively waived” her rights. 

After further deliberation, she was ultimately dismissed. 

This is Congress’ third hearing on the IRS controversy.  Mass. Rep. Stephen Lynch (D) warned that if IRS officials don’t start cooperating more, “it will lead to a special prosecutor” being appointed. 

Fox News further reported, “Lerner has emerged as a key figure in the scandal. She was the first to acknowledge the practice two weeks ago, and was aware of the program for years as head of the division. Though two officials have so far left the IRS in the wake of the controversy, she has not. 

“Lerner’s attorney William Taylor III made clear in advance of the hearing she would not answer questions. He also asked Issa in a letter if she could skip Wednesday’s hearing since she would be pleading the Fifth.”

Lerner has the Constitutional right to remain silent.  But if she’s done nothing wrong, she wouldn’t incriminate herself by speaking.  No one is about to incriminate themselves over targeting the Tea Parties.  Miller and now Lerner maintain that they’ve broken no rules, regulations or laws by targeting specific political groups, i.e., the Conservative Tea Parties.

One Tea Party organizer was asked who her political “mentor” was?  No one asked Obama who is political “mentor” was.  We just had to figure that out for ourselves.  The answer was in his own biography; Frank Marshall Davis, a card-carrying member of the Communist Party of America.

I confess!  Please!  I’ll tell you everything!  My political mentor was my father, who told stories of the teacher union riots at City University of New York.  The story that turned me towards Conservativism was “The Man Without a Country,” by Edward Everett Hale.  The politician who first influenced me was Ronald Reagan.  No, not Ronald Reagan the President; Ronald Reagan, the Governor of California.  I vaguely remember his speech at the Republican National Convention in 1964 and later speeches as California governor.  He had strength.

My parents warned me early on about the dangers of Communism.  I saw it from kindergarten on.  I had a Communist history professor, Socialist college professors, and Communist friends.  I learned everything I needed to know about Communism from them and everything I needed to know about America from my parents.

Unlike Lerner, the Tea Parties have no need to plead.  The evidence, in the form of long forms designed to harass and discourage Tea Party organizers, is there.  If the IRS doesn’t understand the problem, here it is:  your job is to collect revenue.  That’s it.  The Tea Parties certainly meet the definition of “social welfare.”  Our job has always been voter education.

The Tea Parties, originally organized to protest excessive taxation and the politically-motivated redistribution of those taxes, exist to inform the public that they have a choice.  They have a duty to “think critically.”  Critical thinking works both ways and the Liberals are angry that we’re aware of that fact and make the general public aware of that fact.

They don’t like the Tea Parties telling people that the government is too big.  Massive bureaucracies waste money massively.  In the center of the country, the Finger of God wiped out a good portion of Moore, Okla.  God didn’t send that tornado down to punish anyone.  But it’s possible He sat back to see who would get their first to help – the Government or the God Squads.

Municipal rescuers (government employees) obviously arrived first.  There is a question whether Moore’s fire department is union or volunteer.  The rescue squads are almost certainly volunteers.  After that, the God Squads took the lead.  In that part of the country, and particularly that city, tornadoes are nothing new.  Moore is experienced at tornado recovery.  This made their 5th tornado.  The last tornado, in 1999, set a world record for the fast wind speed on Earth – 318 m.p.h.

Finally, Obama sent out a message from Washington, 2,000 miles away, that the Government would be there to help.  To the IRS, he has sent a different message:  “Shut up and this will go away.”  Just like the Moore tornado.  And just like the tornado, there will be widespread damage to Washington and Obama’s administration unless he can keep it under control.


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