The War That Will Never End

Obama announced (once again) that the War on Terror is over.  He has spoken.  Only someone forgot to tell the terrorists that it’s over.  Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron said he wasn’t “sure” it was an act of terror.  Perhaps, like Obama, he doesn’t watch the news.  Here’s what Adebolajo told a videographer after he murdered Drummer Rigby in Woolwich, England (and let’s put it in large type so Obama and the Prime Minister can’t miss it:

“You people will never be safe!  I shall strike terror into the hearts of the disbelievers.  Cut off their heads!”

(the second quote is from the Koran 8:12)

Get the message, Mr. Prime Minister?  He used the “T” word.  Apparently he didn’t get the White House/AP style memo banning the word “terror” from all future news reports.  The murderers were dripping with Drummer Rigby’s blood.  So was the machete Adebolajo was wielding.

There’s a reason why the sword is on the national flag of Saudi Arabia.   They believe that’s just about the only way to spread the message of Allah.  Through the sword, through taxation (attention IRS), and through forced conversion.  Now, not all Muslims, admittedly, are comfortable with this radical way of gaining converts.  Murdering people tends to make people think Islam is a violent religion, which doesn’t make for good public relations.  Sooner or later, they just might fight back.  There’s got to be an easier way.

Infidels are conveniently corrupt, especially political infidels. The Socialist/Communist politicians already share the same belief in “social justice” as the Muslims.  Conservative politicians are finding themselves more and more in the minority as they refuse to support gay marriage, climate change and a host of other Progressive causes that divide the populace, especially the young from the old.

The young outnumber the old.  That’s just an historical fact.  Get them hooked on drugs and alcohol, and numb their brains with loud music that makes it impossible for them to listen to wisdom and you’ve got your converts.    Drugs, alcohol, adultery, homosexuality and dancing are all banned by Islam.  But never mind that, right now; they’ll explain all that later.

This war will never end because it’s not like conventional war.  It’s not about land.  It’s not about trade (we have plenty of our own oil, if only Obama would permit it).  It’s not about piracy or military coups.  All those things have played a part in the Middle East wars.

In the end, it’s about religion.  It’s about a religion that thinks it’s the only true religion.  All religions will tell you that.  Not every religion will cut off your head if you disagree with their creed or decide you’d like to try some other religion or stone you if you break one of the laws.

Spanish Christians entering the New World did forcibly convert the native peoples.  Some fought back and died at the hands of a better armed and trained military.  But then, the tribes were practicing some pretty hideous rituals like human sacrifice, slavery, and genital mutilation.  Did the Liberal Progressives forget to tell you that in history class?  It wasn’t all just about idol worship.

Then there were the Salem Witch Trials.  Yes, the Puritans.  They settled first in Connecticut and then moved to the cities of Elizabeth and Newark in New Jersey.  The Puritans were strictly faithful, just like the Muslims.  But as new immigrants flooded Newark, the Puritans (even the Puritans didn’t like the Puritans at times) moved up into the highlands of northern New Jersey.  They still don’t like strangers.  That swatch of New Jersey that you see on the political maps of the state that belong to Congressman Scott Garrett (one of the most Conservative representatives in Congress).  Agenda 21 is trying to change that map but the locals are fighting back, although they’ll probably have no better luck than the Carib Indians of Columbus’ time.

The thing is, you just don’t see many Christians setting off bombs at marathons, sailing planes into skyscrapers, or beheading soldiers in the streets.  The Muslims who do such things are termed “Radicals.”  The only difference between Radical Muslims and the so-called “Moderate” Muslims are their methods.

To paraphrase the executive character from the original Die Hard movie, “You use a machete; I use a fountain pen.  What’s the difference?”

What’s bothersome about Islam isn’t so much the terrorist attacks – well they are pretty troublesome, come to think of it.  What gives one pause is the Muslim culture in general.  The way they treat women and little girls, for instance.  The women must wear shrouds.  The woman aren’t allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia and in many countries, the little girls aren’t allowed to go to school.  Families marry off their daughters as young as nine years old.  Beatings and honor killings are common, even here in the United States.  Women aren’t allowed to vote and can’t go out in public unless accompanied by a male family member.

If Feminists think they’re going to “change” Muslim men, they should visit a genuine Muslim country.  In a Muslim country, the husband gets the children in the case of a divorce.  Women aren’t allowed to travel without their husband’s permission and in Iran, women aren’t supposed to use the main roads even to walk to the store; they must use back alleys.

Islam is probably the most intolerant religion on the face of the Earth.  They don’t exactly make a secret of it.  They will suffer other religions, but they must pay an onerous tax for the privilege and they cannot pray in public nor have houses of worship.  In Egypt, Christian churches are being bombed and burned every day.  You might be more outraged if the Mainstream Media showed those images instead of videos of Stone Age thugs burning the American flag to make sure we know how much we’re hated over there in the Middle East.

For the Muslims, this is a fight to the death.  The Jews and the Hindus are up for the fight.  But the Christianized West?  Not so much.  They face two obstacles here in America:   the First Amendment and the Seventh commandment that says, Thou Shalt Not Kill.  In addition to that, there are the teachings of Jesus Christ, who said we should love our neighbors and our enemies as we love ourselves.  How are you going to argue with a guy who allowed himself to be nailed to the cross for everything the rest of us have and will do wrong? 

So, we turn the other cheek – and the Muslims slash it.  Do we have the courage to remain loyal to Him?  Only one person went to the aid of Drummer Rigby before the police finally came and shot the terrorists.  Great Britain had tried taking guns away from law enforcement but it didn’t work out too well.  The London Bobbies are armed once again.

Not that it did Drummer Rigby much good.  If someone could have stopped them before he was killed, it would have been much better.  However, in defense of the bystanders, the terrorists ran Rigby over with a car before they butchered him.  Still, you’d think enough bystanders would have found some sort of weapons (sticks, stones, etc.) and prevented these murderers from defiling Rigby’s body, at least.

Have we forgotten the Black Hawk Down soldiers whose bodies were dragged through the streets of Mogadishu?  The Marines blown up in their barracks in Lebanon in the 1980s?  The soldiers who’ve given their lives to keep Iraq from falling into the hands of the Iranian ayatollah and those who’ve died in Afghanistan to clear the way for China to mine rare earth minerals (for electronic gadgets).  This Memorial Day weekend we should give thought to these modern-day martyrs.

Some wonder how much longer we will be observing Memorial Day?  As long as there are fanatical Muslims and moderate Muslims who support them through funds or engage in their own political jihad, and as long as there are Americans brave enough to call them “Islamic terrorists,” deny the Muslims their world caliphate, and refuse to submit (that’s what “Islam” means – to submit or surrender), as long as there is a War on Islamic Terror, there will be a Memorial Day.



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