New Jersey Purple Primary Day, 2013

News reports say that Gov. Chris Christie is already set to celebrate his primary victory in Bridgewater.  The smart money says his only Republican opponent, Seth Grossman, doesn’t stand a chance.  A former Atlantic County Freeholder, City Councilman, Attorney & National Guard Veteran, Grossman’s name is not well known in the more populous northern counties.

Still, at least he’s an alternative to the Democrat-hugging, donkey-kissing Christie.

In Monmouth County, Christie friend Joe Kyrillos (did I mention before that I didn’t think he could be trusted?) is being challenged by Tea Party candidate Leigh-Ann Bellew.  Conservative Ira Geiger is running for Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders, having a history of campaign activity in his resume.  Geiger is a good choice in the mutinous Union County, where certain municipalities are considering secession to escape the tax burden of Elizabeth.  He’s a special education teacher who majored in psychology.  Keeping Union County together and its tax revenue distributed evenly and fairly, so that the outer municipalities are not beggared,  takes someone who can communicate.

Last night I finished up some phone calling for Carol Gallantine, running for State Republican Committee in Essex County.  Experience counts in making these phone calls.  You have to have a thick skin when one voter shrieks at you that the phone calls are annoying (“that’s all right, ma’am; I understand.  I don’t answer them myself!”) and another old geezer insists that voting is useless (“well, it is if you wait until the general elections, sir!”  “Politicians are not necessarily all the same; if we had term limits, they wouldn’t be”).

I was blessed with an NRA Republicans list.  Moreover Ms. Gallantine is in Row G, so I told voters who answered the phone that all they had to remember was “G” for “Gallantine and Gun Rights.”  Many of them got a kick out of that.  They also appreciated the brief message.  I didn’t go on and on.  That’s what my annoyed caller objected to and I didn’t blame her.  What’s more, if I didn’t keep it short, laryngitis already trying to take up residence in my throat, my voice would have failed by the end of the second page.

“I’m calling for Carol Gallantine a pro-Gun Conservative running for State Republican Committee in Essex County in tomorrow’s primaries.  Conservatives are in Row G, off the Republican Party line, because the GOP does not support pro-gun legislation.  Genuine statesmen and women have this one chance to get in and make sure Conservatives – and gun-owners – are represented.   Carol and Mikhail Zlotnikov are endorsed by the N.J. 2nd Amendment Society and they’ve pledged to promote conceal & carry in N.J.  They want to work for the people at the state committee level.  They can only do that if they’re elected.   So, please remember to Vote Row G (G as in Gun) in tomorrow’s primary.  Thank you for your time.”

I found ways to shorten it as I proceeded.  When I finished, I had to tell the callers that that was it; they seemed to be expecting more and were grateful to find that was it.  When I got a real person on the line, I checked to make sure they were still NRA members.  Some weren’t.  Some had  moved away and one had died.

My duty done, I treated myself to a viewing of Star Wars:  Return of the Jedi.  If only Conservatives had the confidence and optimism of Luke Skywalker.

Then today, it was on to the polls.  Once again, as in the school board elections, I didn’t receive a sample ballot.  I questioned the poll workers about that.  They said they would make a note of it.  More appalling was the sign at the entrance to the school:  “All voters welcomed!” it read.  “No voter will be turned away.”

Excuse me?  If a felon walks in, they’ll be allowed to vote.  Or an illegal alien?  Or someone who simply failed to register, who could be from who knows where, voting in my town?  Because it’s too much trouble to check?  Are the poll workers afraid they might be beaten up?  Or sued for “discrimination”?  Against crooks, illegal aliens, and fraudulent voters?

It’s no wonder politicians like Christie are so confident of winning the primary.  With rules like that, they could just send a busload of voters from one precinct to another, cast their ballot and move on to the next town.

With Sen. Lautenberg’s death yesterday from pneumonia, Christie now has the task of naming his replacement, which puts the governor in a tricky position on primary day and in the months before the election.  .  He has just held a press conference calling for a special primary election on Aug. 13 and a general election in October.  Let the people decide, he says.   So he won’t have to.  Also, his death places Newark Mayor Corey Booker in the lead for Democrat candidate for the Senate.  Heaven help us!

Low-information voters don’t have much to go on, which is why so many of the voters I called were frustrated.  Some were “gun-ho” when they heard Gallantine was a Second Amendment supporter.  All were disgusted by Christie’s behavior.  Have you noticed how the story, and especially the pictures, disappeared after Glenn Beck aired them?

But as your Tea Party Information Center, we will be here throughout the summer and fall, up until Election Day,  to remind you how purple Christie is.  We New Jersey Conservatives have our work cut out for us.  But we’re not giving up.  There’s still good in New Jersey; we can feel it.














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