Obama’s Double-Speech

Even as Obama opined at the Brandenburg Gate about East German heroes rising up against oppression, how citizens choose whether to be defined by a wall or tear it down, and about the American embassy being back at its historic home, even as he spoke about the history of a divided Berlin, in Washington, D.C., Tea Party ralliers were being prevented from attending a separate rally for immigration reform.

Only a certain number were permitted to go to the immigration rally and if your permit said you could rally against the IRS, that’s all you could do.

Meanwhile, in Berlin, Obama spoke about the square on which he spoke (Pariser Platz) once being a desolate no man’s land now open to all.  He invoked Immanuel Kant in his speech who he says “taught us that freedom is the ‘unoriginated birthright of man, and it belongs to him by force of his humanity.’”  In other words, God didn’t grant Man freedom; he gave it to himself just by being born.

In D.C. in the meantime, Tea Partiers report alleged discrimination in the face of two separate political events taking place. The two rallies were not concurrent:  The immigration press conference was slated from 9.a.m.-12 p.m., and again from 2 p.m. -5 p.m. The Tea Party rally was scheduled from 12 p.m.-2 p.m.

Capitol Hill Police Officer Sandra Brown allegedly left a voicemail for one of the directors of the “Audit the IRS” event, saying attendees from one event were not allowed at the other.  The message was apparently left for Kevin Mooneyhan, deputy executive director of Tea Party Patriots.

“It’s 9:28 a.m., June 19,” Brown stated in her voicemail. There are members of your group that are moving into other areas on the Capitol grounds, joining other groups on the east front of the Capitol. That activity is not authorized.”   Brown can be heard identifying herself saying in recorded voice message.

“Your area is the west front of the Capitol.  Have either yourself and our 12 marshals keep your group in your area and your area only. You cannot join other groups in other areas that have been permitted to other groups,” the message continues.

The voicemail noted that authorities would be on the ground to keep the “peace.”  Prior to the message’s release, reports were already raging that activists who were in D.C to attend the “Audit the IRS” rally were being prevented from also heading over to an immigration press conference taking place nearby between the two sessions of the Tea Party rally.

Back in Berlin, Obama stated, “Today, people often come together in places like this to remember history — not to make it.  After all, we face no concrete walls, no barbed wire.  There are no tanks poised across a border.  There are no visits to fallout shelters.  And so sometimes there can be a sense that the great challenges have somehow passed.  And that brings with it a temptation to turn inward — to think of our own pursuits, and not the sweep of history; to believe that we’ve settled history’s accounts, that we can simply enjoy the fruits won by our forebears.”

TheBlaze spoke briefly with Brown via phone to ask about the message, but she quickly forwarded the producers to the Capitol Police media office without comment, where we left a message for a representative to explain the meaning of her words.

“Still, two Blaze reporters attending the events indicated that they encountered no problems moving between the two. It’s unclear how the police were identifying attendees of either event.

“Later, in a phone call with Capitol Hill Police, spokesperson Shennell Antrobus told TheBlaze that he had not yet heard the voicemail. But based on its description, he said that it seemed as though there was a safety issue to have too many people show up and migrate to a separate event.

“’With each permit having an expected number of attendance, movements between events can sometimes be problematic on the space and safety front,’ Antrobus explained (especially if they exceed expected numbers). He was clear that opinion or content of specific meetings would not be at the heart of trying to prevent such migrations.”

“Glenn Beck, a keynote speaker at the rally tweeted about the division on the ground, writing,

“Already discrimination. Splitting us up into two groups on different sides of Capitol.  MLK would not stand for this. No sense.”

“… because courageous crowds climbed atop that wall,” Obama said breathlessly, “because corrupt dictatorships gave way to new democracies, because millions across this continent now breathe the fresh air of freedom, we can say, here in Berlin, here in Europe — our values won.  Openness won.  Tolerance won.  And freedom won here in Berlin.”

“President Kennedy was taken from us less than six months after he spoke those words.  And like so many who died in those decades of division, he did not live to see Berlin united and free.  Instead, he lives forever as a young man in our memory.  But his words are timeless because they call upon us to care more about things than just our own self-comfort, about our own city, about our own country.  They demand that we embrace the common endeavor of all humanity.

“And if we lift our eyes, as President Kennedy called us to do, then we’ll recognize that our work is not yet done.  For we are not only citizens of America or Germany — we are also citizens of the world.  And our fates and fortunes are linked like never before.

“The wall belongs to history.  But we have history to make as well.  And the heroes that came before us now call to us to live up to those highest ideals — to care for the young people who can’t find a job in our own countries, and the girls who aren’t allowed to go to school overseas; to be vigilant in safeguarding our own freedoms, but also to extend a hand to those who are reaching for freedom abroad.

“This is the lesson of the ages.  This is the spirit of Berlin.  And the greatest tribute that we can pay to those who came before us is by carrying on their work to pursue peace and justice not only in our countries but for all mankind.”

Then he spent the rest of the speech talking about climate change.  Climate change is very big – as in Big Money – over in Europe; so big, that it sent Spain into bankruptcy.

This is some of what Glenn Beck had to say in Washington, D.C., while Obama was playing Don Quixote in Berlin:

“What is it we even believe as a people anymore? Where did we get these ideas that now seem so popular?

“Our forebears came to these shores not for free stuff, but for freedom. The chance to make their own way, create a different life.  They came here because they knew that God made them free to make their own way in life, take the risk, do their best and take responsibility for their own lives.

“They came here because they wanted to serve Him in the way they believed, not as they were told.  But how many care about our history? And, of those who do care, how many really still believe?

“Some things are worth believing in. That the little guy can make it.  That every single life has value and is worth living. That honor and integrity do matter.  That justice will prevail – if not in this life – then the next, and that God does exist. And what we do in our lives matters.  I, for one, still believe in the silly notion of truth, justice and the American way.

“For those that think men make progress collectively: I warn you, history teaches that you couldn’t be more wrong. We are redeemed one man at a time. There is no “family pass” ticket or park hopping pass to life. One ticket, one life at a time.

“Man doesn’t vanquish hatred or bigotry. The target keeps moving. From the blacks to the Irish. Atheists to Christians.

“But as always, there are a few leaders: Ben Franklin, John Quincy Adams, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Abraham Lincoln, Fredrick Douglas, Booker T. Washington, Gandhi and Martin Luther King. They know that the march toward freedom never ends; man must be ever-vigilant and pray less with his lips and more with his legs.

“In the past, these historic stands which we now call civil rights movements were done by a small but dedicated portion of our citizens which led to great shifts in our culture.  But those movements always came from the same institutions … the church.  And usually not the church with the popular preacher, but the one who put it on the line to tell the people the truth.

“I humbly suggest to you that Martin Luther King knew the answer, and he lost more than congregants during his long march. Students are taught that his vision came from the ideas of Gandhi.  Maybe a new radical 20th century Progressive philosopher was the one that taught MLK that “although we be free of all men, when we choose to make ourselves servants to all, we gain the more.”

“Let’s get a couple of things straight. What MLK and Gandhi did was not progressive or new. It was an ancient idea. Hollywood, Woodstock nor the hippie culture was the source of power of the 1960s freedom movement.

“God was.

“He was leading those who risked their lives over that bridge in Selma, not Janice Joplin, Columbia University or a labor union. It wasn’t John Lennon that taught people about love and peaceful resistance — that job fell on the shoulders of a Jewish carpenter. And it is there that we will find the answers that will break the chains that are being forged for a new generation of slaves.

“The government is no longer the protector of those civil rights, and so we must be. When we are told that it is okay for the IRS, EPA, ATF, FBI or anyone to hassle, threaten or intimidate others because of their skin color, religion or political belief, we stop being the country that we all want to build, and start being the country the world should fear.

“Men may make progress, but man never changes. Man loves power and money. No matter the skin color, religion or income level. These symbols of our nation make men drunk with power, who then justify their lust for more by claiming they are public servants. The only difference between Las Vegas and Washington, D.C. is that at least Vegas has the decency to admit the town is full of hookers and crooks.

“We are not violent. We are not racist. We are not anti-immigrant. We are not anti-government. And we will not be silent anymore.

“Those who wish to use unrighteous dominion over mankind are not enemies of ours; they are enemies of God, and He will not be silent much longer either.

“We will no longer accept the lies, the corruption, or the information and data gathering. It is evil. And we come here today to send a message that we will surround all of those who wish to stand and break the cycle of corruption. We will use ourselves as shields to protect those in the system, the elected officials or whistle blowers with the courage to stand.

“We come here today to respectfully, but with the power of the spirit, demand to be treated as an equal member of society. I am a man, and I will be treated as such. I answer to only one king and His kingdom will come, His will be done. We have chosen sides and we choose God. America as a nation must do the same, as well.”

Once upon a time, Americans were inspired by the words of their presidents.  Today, we must pay a professional broadcaster to speak those kinds of words – at the peril of his life.  We are a conflicted nation.  We want freedom, but we fear to invoke the wrath of the authorities and if we’re offered free stuff in place of freedom, we don’t quibble; we take the free stuff.  We want peace, but we cannot speak the truth without risking our lives, our jobs, and even our friendships.  We want justice, but we spell it differently – v-e-n-g-e-a-n-c-e.  We love America, but we seem powerless to defend her.  When her defense means the possible shedding of blood, prison time, a fine, a loss of popularity, we shrink away from her and turn our backs in cowardice.  Those who speak the truth are shunned and branded as fools, not heroes.

Obama recited JFK’s dream of social justice and of dreaming beyond individual freedom.  Individual freedom is the heart of freedom.  Yoked to one another by social justice, Common Core, Agenda 21, and government spying, there is no freedom.  In place of a dream is a nightmare of tyranny.

Wake up, Americans.


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