Gay New Jersey

Gov. Chris Christie has vowed to veto any bill that comes to his desk making gay marriage legal.  He’s willing to stand by his religious principles.  Too bad the United States Supreme Court can’t say the same.  Or at least stand by their Constitutional principles.

But instead of standing by the Constitution, they twist its meaning, rewrite it or ignore it, as it suits them and their Liberal agenda.  The Constitution says nothing about the right to commit an immoral act.  There’s scarcely a religion in the world that stands by homosexuality. 

Some religions stand by polygamy.  But there are three practices no religion “tolerates”:  adultery, homosexuality, and bestiality (doing it to the dog).  SCOTUS is legislating from the bench, which is not their job.  Ironically, secular feminists stand by the one practice tolerated by the Bible and cultures worldwide, but only deemed morally reprehensible:  abortion.

Even there, the Supreme Court interfered, just as it did with school prayer:  crush the abomination out of America.  Roe v. Wade.  Progressive politicians can rely on the Supreme Court to do their dirty work for them, pushing a minority agenda (abortion, gay marriage, illegal immigration, legalizing drugs) and bypassing the will of the people.  Democrats, not Republicans, were the supporters of slavery, yet somehow Republicans are taking the scolding for it.

We’ve gone far beyond “tolerance” in legalizing gay marriage. Society became the advocate of marriage for the purpose of increasing the population.  Any pair of idiots can marry, gay marriage proponents cry; why can’t we?  Plenty of couples marry and never produce children, they claim.  We gays, they clamor, should have equal rights.

In order to get married, you have to have a license.  Just as you have to get a license to drive or own a gun, you have to prove you’re worthy of the license.  You have to prove you’re not related to your intended spouse; that you don’t carry any diseases that would prevent you from having children or would endanger your spouse; that you’re not already married; and that you’re a citizen of the United States.

America was willing to hold its nose and agree to civil union.  Once that happened, the gay camel had its nose under the tent.  Gays wanted equal rights, the same as any other citizen, forcing other Americans to recognize their relationship as legal, not matter how immoral, distasteful, repulsive, strange or offensive it might seem to the average American.  It’s one thing for a gay couple to think of itself as husband and husband or wife and wife.  It’s quite another to demand that recognition from others.

If only that pesky religion, Christianity, wasn’t always sticking its nose where it doesn’t belong.  Homosexuality has been an accepted practice since ancient times.  Then along came the Hebrews and their monolithic god, Jehovah, who according to their tales obliterated the San Francisco of those times, Sodom and Gomorrah.  The Greeks were a totally “tolerant” society.  They had a city entirely devoted to the practice of prostitution, which Marc Antony frequented with regularity.  However, those religious zealots had to come along and spoil everything.

Christianity dominated for two millennia, crushing the serpent under its heel.  That had to hurt.  Christians fell slowly away from the purer faith, though.  Corruption, seduction, greed, pride, drugs, contraceptives, and the foolishness of youth, all played in role in releasing the serpent from its bondage and carry on its evil work.

Not understanding, or caring about, the difference between liberty (doing for yourself) and license (doing whatever pleases yourself), we’ve slid down that slippery slope toward hedonism and wickedness.  We pat ourselves on the back for doing a good deed when we should be giving the credit to God.  Then we go back to whatever offensive thing it was we were doing.

Man cannot be his own salvation.  He cannot absolve himself from his sins.  He cannot arbitrarily decide what is right and what is wrong.  We’ve devolved into a state of arrested development, a perpetual adolescence, resenting and even denying the existence of a higher authority – God – because it isn’t convenient to the way we want to live.

We want to have sex – lots of it – with whomever (or whatever) we choose.  We want the right to murder the consequences of our licentiousness.  We feel we should be able to silence anyone who says something we don’t like, whether by lawsuit, prison or even murder.  We think our parents are fools.  We covet and envy our neighbor’s larger house, bigger car and even bigger screen television.  We think we have just as much right to those things as they do and we think we have the right to steal them in order to obtain them.  Or elect representatives who will steal the money through redistribution of wealth in order to obtain them.

We want to eat as much as we want whenever we want, and when we sicken from our gluttony, we want the government to make us better.  Government, seeing careers in it for them, are happy to oblige, although the glutton should beware:  the bureaucrat wants to get as much money and give as little service as he can.  He will put you on a strict diet.

We want to worship idols.  Today, there is a grand funeral for James Gandolfini, a gluttonous maximus, he died from overeating in a restaurant in Italy.  He died ignominiously in the bathroom, a fact the Media kept from us for several days and tamped down when it did reveal this odious ending.  Yesterday, his family held a private funeral for Gandolfini in Park Ridge, N.J., closing down a main thoroughfare – Kinderkamack Road – for literally the entire day, from something like 10 in the morning until 9 p.m. that night.  Commuters were forced to clog an alternate artery through Bergen County.

Today, celebrities and fans are gathering in New York City to pay tribute to this actor who portrayed a particularly vicious mobster, in addition to being a drug addict and alcoholic in real life.  New Jersey’s state flag was lowered to half-staff in tribute to this mobster actor, as it had been lowered to half-state on behalf of Whitney Houston, who also died of a drug overdose.

Today, Congress is debating whether to unleash upon Americans an invasion of illegal aliens who support gay marriage, abortion, illegal drugs, and cultural tolerance (while refusing to assimilate with the native culture).  That they even have to debate it is amazing.

Still, we’re the country of abortion, free contraceptives, political speech, flag burning, gay marriage, and the redistribution of wealth.  Why would anybody be surprised that our Progressive legislators would open up our borders to illegal aliens?

The status quo the Progressives want to maintain must be supported by illegal immigrants since Americans are no longer reproducing.




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  1. So, let me get this straight, as long as your opinion is pro-gay rights then it’s great, you’re an outstanding citizen, we all love you. But AP comes out and says that he doesn’t support gay marriage and all of a sudden all of you jump like he just punched a baby? What gives? He is 1005 entitled to his opinion and to voice his opinion, no matter how much you disagree. He doesn’t believe in gay marriage, he never said he didn’t believe in homosexuality like Wallace did. Leave it alone, let him have his opinion and most importantly, RESPECT his onion, isn’t that what you want too?

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