Social Justice for Zimmerman in Sanford

As Florida law enforcement personnel are getting their riot gear ready, the judge in the Trayvon Martin case has just ruled, according to the Drudge Report, that the jury may consider a charge of manslaughter against George Zimmerman.

The problem is that Zimmerman was trying to protect himself.  Florida law states that he had the right to use a firearm to defend himself.  The medical evidence and eyewitness testimony clearly show that Martin was the aggressor in the attack.  No matter how aggrieved he might have felt, no matter how singled out, no matter his skin color, his duty was to walk away if he didn’t feel like answering Zimmerman’s questions.  According to the testimony of Martin’s girlfriend, which the judge refused to allow in trial, he referred to the man following him as a “cracker-a**’d” pain in the butt.  Among the pictures retrieved from Martin’s phone is a photo of a marijuana plant.

Zimmerman’s attorneys are planning to use an argument of self-defense.  The gun was only drawn at the last-moment when Zimmerman felt he had no choice left.  The self-defense argument may have opened the door to the manslaughter charge.  Zimmerman’s mother and others feel that the lesser charge is a sop to the mobs in Florida (and probably elsewhere) ready to tear Sanford, the greater Orlando metropolitan area and who knows where else to pieces if Zimmerman.

Zimmerman could take accept charge and appeal the ruling later.  But sooner or later, black people are going to take the white population’s quiescence as cowardice.  They’ll find a way to burst forth across the suburban boundaries.  On that day, black people and white people are going to have a serious problem.

The Progressives know that and have been itching for that fight for decades.  In 1985, the Fair Housing Act was created.  This act created the Council on Affordable Housing in order to insulate the act from “political pressure.”  In other words, suburbanites wouldn’t be able to protect their homes, families, neighborhoods and businesses from criminal-minded minorities by keeping the prices of their homes artificially high.

The New Jersey Supreme Court struck down Gov. Christie’s plan to eliminate the state’s independent housing agency and give its powers to a political appointee.  That might not sound quite right.  However, the housing agency was a bureaucratic creation with members who could not be removed or overruled by the people’s political representatives.  They would remain in office long after the politician who appointed them was safely out of office.

If the real criminals in Florida do riot, burn down suburban tracts as well as their own neighborhoods, all the way down to the tourist attractions in Lake Buena Vista, if Zimmerman is acquitted, we’ll all know exactly why that green, yet very black and white, boundary exists.

Throwing Zimmerman in jail may appease the criminal elements for awhile.  But as George Zimmerman is sitting in prison, the real criminals will go right on raping, robbing and rioting (the very problem that was plaguing the city of Sanford) throughout Florida unfettered by conscious, the law, or society; in fact, with the full weight of the socialist law behind them.


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