The Prince of Cambridge: An Astrological Photo Finish

Princess Kate’s mother, Carole Middleton, was said to have predicted that her grandson would be born a Leo, rather than a Cancer.  Grandma Middleton lost that bet by this much.  Born at 4:24 p.m., London time, Baby Cambridge’s Sun is placed at 29 degrees 59 minutes Cancer.  One more minute would have put him into the sign of Leo.

Professional astrologers say that Carole Middleton missed her bet by 34 minutes.  It’s been a long time since I calculated a chart.  A half an hour later, and the boy would have been a flamboyant, generous, if somewhat egotistical, Leo.  A happy future King.  Instead, his Sun is in the very last degree and very last minute of Cancer. 

What a squeaker.  However, in normal cases, birth times aren’t always exact.  Nurses are busy helping the doctor deliver the baby.  Their eyes aren’t on the clock and often the nurse will write down whatever time she sees when she looks up at the clock to fill out the form.  We can be sure, in regard to the Prince of Cambridge, that someone was tasked with the job of watching the clock and nothing else to be sure that the birth time was exact to the last degree.

The most interesting aspect of Baby Cambridge’s chart is that Mars is conjunct Jupiter in Cancer – in his case in his 8th house.  He shares this trait with such luminaries as JFK and Winston Churchill, and Hugh Hefner.  More importantly, the trait seems to have been passed down from his great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.  The aspect doesn’t appear in any of the notable royal charts down to King Henry VIII; it seems to have been something peculiar to Elizabeth.  She passed it on to her son, Charles.  What did appear in her father’s chart (King George VI) was Mars in Sagittarius trine Jupiter in Leo.  Any positive aspect of Mars and Jupiter is a sign of optimism, courage and perseverance. 

No doubt, the young Princess Elizabeth admired her father’s struggle with a speech impediment and his courage in assuming the throne, a job for which he was not prepared, when her uncle abdicated.  Elizabeth apparently absorbed the optimism which this parental example provided, and it astrologically fused into a conjunction so powerful that it passed on to her son, Charles, and to her great-grandson, the future king of England.

If it seems that Charles doesn’t quite have that fearlessness of his mother, it’s because the two planets, while very close, are not in actual conjunction, being 9 degrees apart (the widest two planets can be said to be in conjunction is 5 degrees).  His planets are in Sagittarius, which would confer a love of hunting and sport, while his mother’s conjunction is in Aquarius.  Elizabeth II is optimistic about trying everything new, all the while being a traditional queen.  This configuration would confer (and confirm) her love of the outdoors and nature, particularly the wilderness.

The aspect, not being strong with Charles, bypassed his son William, whose Jupiter is retrograde like his great-grandfather’s.  William’s retrograde Jupiter is in Scorpio, which accounts for reports that he was a very naughty little boy.  But with his Sun and Moon in close conjunction in Cancer in the very public 7th house of public service, the public will undoubtedly forgive their popular king his youthful transgressions.

William has a very small 11th house, which rules the general public.  His Uranus is in a good position in the 11th house in Sagittarius, conferring some popularity.  But as it’s a small house and his Uranus is retrograde, his shyness and well-known dislike of the press may backfire on him.  Neptune is also retrograde, right on his ascendant, in Sag, giving him a movie-star mystery, but also shyness and reticence.  As he grows older, he will look more and more like his father, as most of his first house is occupied by Capricorn.  Not to worry, though; as Saturn is in Libra, he’ll retain his good looks.  Probably he’ll just appear more majestic.

As for Baby Cambridge, he’ll be a very good-looking prince, indeed.  He will have some of his late grandmother Diana’s sultry looks.  But he will remain youthful-looking all his life.  Along with inheriting the queen’s powerful optimism, he will also inherit some of his mother’s love of adventure and danger.  Oh, she had it in spades.  Her eighth house was quite full.  BC’s Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter are all in Cancer in the 8th house.  He’d best take care on the water.  And around the castle.

Like his parents, he’ll likely meet his mate in college.  By the way, don’t take the Duchess of Cambridge on her looks alone; her Mercury and retrograde Venus are in her 11th house in Aquarius.  How someone as beautiful as the Duchess could have a retrograde Venus is practically unthinkable.  She’s aided in her beauty by Mars (physical appearance) in Libra.

King George VI had an unusual configuration in his 8th house, with Neptune and Pluto conjoined, retrograde, in Gemini in the 8th house.  This is not normally the sign of a heart attack.  At best, it could be said to be an indication of pneumonia.  George VI was a heavy smoker all his life and was diagnosed with lung cancer.  Gemini certain rules the lungs, as Gemini is an air sign.  Pluto is a secondary ruler of cancer and Neptune is a direct ruler of cigarettes.

Poor George VI had one other very unusual aspect in his chart – a solitary Moon in Scorpio, in the second house, making one, and only one aspect, to Uranus, the planet of strangers.  According to the film, The King’s Speech, he was abused by his nanny who favored his brother David.  She starved poor Bertie and verbally abused him until his parents finally learned of the cruelty and discharged the nanny.  With Venus in Scorpio, ruling his 7th house of marriage (and service), his wife, the Queen Mother, was clearly a very strong influence for the positive in his life, although with a retrograde Jupiter squaring his Venus, the couple were not without their problems.  Still, having peaceful Taurus on the 7th house, his marriage probably gave him some much-needed security.

I haven’t surveyed every single monarch of England, but in every chart I have pulled, there’s some planet either near the chart’s midheaven or in the 10th house to indicate the monarch’s future as the leader of England.  Baby Cambridge’s chart has no such markers, much as King Edward VIII’s chart did.  Edward VIII abdicated in 1936.  The Duchess of Cambridge has more going on in the midheaven and the 10th house than her first-born son does.

Baby Cambridge was born under a full moon, the Moon being in solemn Capricorn, opposed to his sensitive Cancer Sun (and Mercury, Mars and Jupiter).  With Pluto in the second house, he will inherit great wealth (as all his predecessors have).  His mother and his late grandmother, Princess Diana, were both ambitious women.  Diana sought it through marrying royalty, and with a retrograde Saturn on the cusp of the second house (money) her 7th house Sun, she failed to achieve it.  Her 10th house Neptune indicates Diana was idealistic, a dreamer, but retrograde Jupiter in the 2nd house was unkind to her.  Diana’s Cancer Sun in the 7th house made her personally likeable to the public, but public service wasn’t her Sun focus; it was marriage and family.  Cancers are notably shy (that’s why the crab, pulling back into its shell, is the sign for Cancer).  A Cancer sun is going to have a hard time in the public limelight.  Diana’s son William has a similar configuration (Sun and Mercury on the cusp of the 7th).  He’s finding it just as difficult to reconcile public duty with his shy nature.

But never fear.  Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is definitely up to the job.  With her Sun at the very top of her chart in Capricorn and Jupiter and Uranus in Scorpio and Sagittarius, respectively, she was practically born to be a duchess and ultimately queen.  Jupiter in Scorpio, while a little cruel in its humor and fatalistic in its philosophy, and Uranus in Sag, make her better suited for the job of greeting the public.  She’s about as different from Princess Diana as a princess can get.  She’ll make just as good a mother as Diana, but will be able to separate her maternal duties from her official job.  She’s older and more than mature than Diana was and has more poise and confidence.

As for her son, the newly-minted Prince of Cambridge, he has a grand trine, always a greatly valued configuration in an astrology chart, between his Saturn in Scorpio in the 12th, his Neptune in Pisces in the 3rd, and that wonderful Mars-Jupiter conjunction in the 8th.  Saturn in the 12th means he’s got his act together.  Psychologically disciplined, his ambitions are subordinate to his service as Prince and future King.   At least, that’s the positive way of looking at it.  On the other hand, someone with Saturn in the 12th is not much given to seeking power or displaying any sort of ambition.  On yet another hand, Saturn is in Scorpio and he just may not choose to make his ambitions public.  Since Saturn and Pluto are mutually dispositive, especially with Pluto in the second house, he may very well not have much ambition to rule, but he will still be attracted to the power, status, and wealth of the throne.


With Neptune in its native sign of Pisces in the 3rd house, he should make a most poetic, idealistic speaker, and with those two planets connected to the Mars-Jupiter conjunction in the 8th house, he should make quite a dynamic yet compassionate leader, especially with his Sun in the 8th house of power, one astrological minute away from kingly Leo.



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