Something’s in the Airwaves

Rumors have been roiling in the radio broadcasting industry that Cumulus Media, which owns key stations in over 40 cities, is looking to dump America’s foremost Conservative broadcaster, Rush Limbaugh, as well as top-rated radio talk show host, Sean Hannity.

Rush’s program is produced and distributed by Premier Networks.  Here in the metropolitan New  York City area, Rush and Sean can be heard on WABC radio, which is owned by Cumulus.  Premier Networks and Rush are in discussions with WOR-AM to give Rush and Sean a new home.

Cumulus blames Rush for low advertising sales since his Sandra Fluke comment.  Rush says it’s not his fault if Cumulus can’t see airtime.  Glenn Beck was hoisted from the New York City market and was not welcomed on any station in the New York market, much to the regret of listeners in the New York suburbs.

Is it fallen ad sales due to politics?  Well, Rush has been on the air in New York City since 1988.  That’s a long time for a broadcaster to realize that Rush is a Conservative.  Early listeners recall his Animal Updates and his Caller Abortions.  But that was in the Age of Reagan, when Conservatives reigned supreme.  No one would have given a thought to legalize marijuana, abortion, or gay marriages.

In such cases, with First Amendment rights under fire, it is essential to research the facts and see who’s pulling the strings at these broadcasting companies.

Lew Dickey, Jr. is Chairman, President and CEO of Cumulus Media.  He oversaw the merger with Citadel Broadcasting, which included some major new investors.  Age 50, he was one of the media company’s founders and initial investors.  His brother, John, is the Company’s EVP and co-COO, but not a director.

Ralph B. Everett, age 60, has served as a director since July 1998. Since January 2007, he has served as the President and CEO of the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, a national, nonprofit research and public policy institution located in Washington, DC.

The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies works to inform and illuminate the nation’s major public policy debates through research, analysis, and information dissemination, with the goal of improving the socioeconomic status of African Americans and other people of color, expanding their effective participation in the political and public policy arenas, and promoting communications and relationships across racial and ethnic lines to strengthen the nation’s pluralistic society.

So there’s culprit No. 1.

Jeffrey A. Marcus, age 65, joined the board in September 2011. Marcus joined Crestview Partners, a private equity firm, in 2004, and currently serves as head of the Crestview Partners’ media and communications group. Prior to joining Crestview Partners, he served in various positions in the media and communications industry, including as President and CEO of AMFM Inc. (formerly Chancellor Media Corporation), one of the nation’s largest radio broadcasting companies, and as founder and chief executive officer of Marcus Cable Company, a privately-held cable company.  Chancellor hired then-WABC President of Radio Networks David Kantor to run the operation.

Arthur J. Reimers, age 57, also joined the board in September 2011. Reimers has acted as an independent investor and business consultant since 2001. Prior to 2001, Mr. Reimers served in various positions with increasing seniority at Goldman, Sachs & Co., an investment banking firm, from 1981 to 2001, including as Managing Director from 1998 until his retirement in 2001. He serves on the boards of directors of FBR Capital Markets Corporation and Rotech Healthcare Inc.  His affiliation with Goldman Sachs makes him a FOO (Friend of Obama).

Eric P. Robison, age 52, has served as a director since August 1999. He is currently the President and CEO of, an Internet-based software and education training company, which he joined in January 2008. From 2002 to 2008, he was President of IdeaTrek, Inc., a company that provides business consulting services. From 1994 to 2002, Mr. Robison was Vice President,  Business Development at Vulcan Inc., that managed all personal and business interests for investor Paul G. Allen (co-founder of Microsoft), where Mr. Robison managed various projects and analyzed investment opportunities.

Can anyone say “Bill Gates”?

Robert H. Sheridan, III, age 49, has been on the Cumulus board since July 1998. He is currently a partner at Ridgemont Equity Partners, a private equity firm that provides buyout and growth capital to closely-held private companies and new business platforms. Prior to joining Ridgemont Equity Partners in August 2010, Sheridan served as Managing Director, and Co-Head of the Americas, for BAML Capital Partners, the private equity and mezzanine group within Bank of America Corporation, since January 1998, and was a Senior Vice President and Managing Director of BA Capital, which was formerly known as NationsBanc Capital Corp.

Bank of America.  Oh, no problem there….

David M. Tolley, age 44, has been on the board since January 2011. He is a private investor who previously was employed by Blackstone from 2000 until December 2011, most recently serving as Senior Managing Director. Prior to joining Blackstone, Tolley held a series of positions at Morgan Stanley & Co. He served as a director of Cumulus Media Partners LLC (CMP) from 2006 to August 2011, and is the former Chairman of the board of directors of New Skies Satellites Holdings Ltd.

Morgan Stanley & Company – another FOO.

Cumulus has bought up many, many smaller broadcasting companies and merged them into this powerful broadcasting behemoth.  With such investors, it’s not hard to see how Obama and his Progressives are trying to dominate the airwaves, destroy the First Amendment, and silence Conservatives voices like Rush’s and Hannity’s.  As a sop to concerned Conservative listeners, a Cumulus spokesperson suggested the network might put Mark Levin in Rush’s spot.  That would be unfortunate for many of Levin’s professional male demographic who listen to Levin on the way home from working overtime, desperate for the sound of Constitutional sanity and free market freedom.

Fortunately for Rush and Hannity fans in New York, WOR 710 is a short trip on the dial from WABC 770.  What listeners in other cities will do is still unclear.





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