Phony Scandals

Obama and his White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney, are sticking like glue to their game plan concerning the scandals over the IRS targeting Tea Party groups, Benghazi, the plan to drone America, the as-yet unknown scandal to convert America’s suburbs into miniature Detroits, the downing of the helicopter carrying Seal Team Six, and other, numerous calumny:  what scandal?  There are no scandals here.

The White House considers the controversy over the Benghazi attack to be among the so-called “phony scandals” to which President Obama has averred in recent speeches — even as new criticisms arose about the lack of progress in the investigation. 

According to Fox News, “Press Secretary Jay Carney was asked at the daily briefing about Obama’s repeated claim — which he asserted most recently during a speech in Tennessee on Tuesday — that Washington is getting distracted by phony scandals.  Asked what the president was referring to, Carney listed the scandals over the IRS targeting of Conservative groups and over Benghazi. 

“’What we’ve seen, as time has passed and more facts have become known, whether it’s about the attacks in Benghazi and the talking points or revelations about conduct at the IRS, that attempts to turn this into a scandal have failed,’ Carney said. 

“Carney was specifically referring to claims by GOP lawmakers that the administration misled the public about the nature of the attack, by stressing the connection to an anti-Islam film. The administration denies this. But lawmakers continue to have concerns that extend far beyond the so-called Benghazi talking points. 

“President Barack Obama said Wednesday that Republicans are trying to distract America from its economic problems by pushing ‘phony scandals,’ echoing a line repeatedly used this week by White House press secretary Jay Carney.

“’With an endless parade of distractions, political posturing and phony scandals, Washington has taken its eye off the ball,’ Obama said, according to prepared remarks released by the White House prior to his economic speech Wednesday at Knox College in Illinois. ‘And I am here to say this needs to stop. Short-term thinking and stale debates are not what this moment requires.’

“Obama’s statement echoes a line repeatedly used by Carney to describe the IRS targeting scandal and other Obama administration headaches, including the National Security Agency surveillance and the Benghazi terrorist attack.

‘The president will go back to Galesburg, Ill., today to deliver a speech about where we need to move the economy, what we should be focusing on here in Washington. And it shouldn’t be on the skirmishes that cause gridlock, it shouldn’t be on the phony scandals that have consumed so much attention here, all to come to naught,’  Carney said on MSNBC recently.

“’I think what we’ve seen is inappropriate activity that the president came out and forcefully said he would not tolerate,’ Carney said, referring to the growing IRS targeting scandal. ‘What we have seen from Republicans is cherry-picked information, based on investigations, that turns out to be only one side of the story.’

“I greatly appreciate that that is the line that is being pushed by Republicans who want Washington to be focused on scandals instead of the economy,” Carney added.

He previously used the “phony scandals” and “fake scandals” lines in a press conference.

In Democrat parlance, only Republicans can be charged with scandal.  These scandals may, indeed, be red herrings created by the Democrats to draw our attention away from the fact that the economy is so bad.  It keeps our Conservative minds off of important matters like Syria and the plummeting value of the U.S. dollar in foreign markets.  Immigration reform is another issue the Democrats don’t want us to think about, at least not think about it unfavorably, as polls are beginning to indicate.

But there’s nothing phony about the accusations that the IRS was targeting Conservative non-profit groups or that our U.S. Ambassador to Libya was murdered, along with three other personnel while the White House did nothing to rescue them.  The destruction of the Seal Team Six helicopter is actually old news.  The circumstances surrounding the crash have only recently come to light, thanks to radio host Michael Savage.

The only thing phony about the phony scandals is the White House’s response to them.  With the 2014 elections coming up next year, the Democrats can’t afford to have Conservatives suddenly coming out of their turtle shells to take over the Republican Party.  Such “insurrection” could cost them many seats in the House and Senate.  One scandal or two, they can brush away.  But when they begin to accumulate, they begin to draw flies, like garbage.  People start to notice the stench.

The Democrats are helped by the sexual shenanigans going on in New York City politics.  Mr. Weiner pecs and other parts are becoming a problem.  He’s losing support, much to the relief of the New York City party.  Spitzer’s wife is about to divorce him, which will ring a bell with women voters.  No wonder New York City’s primaries are held so close to the November elections; clean up the mess while it’s still on voters’ minds and they’ll believe something was done about the scandals.  They don’t have time to make it past voters’ (extremely) short-term memory and implant themselves where they’ll still be growing in November.

Holding onto Obama’s coattails during the 2014 mid-terms can be a pretty sticky business if they’re covered in grime.  Hence, voters must be brainwashed into believing that it’s the scandals that are phony, not the liar-in-chief.



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