Middle Class Child Syndrome

Today is Middle Child Day.  That’s the syndrome where you’re the child born in the middle of the pack.  In a family of three kids, you’re number two.  Or among five kids, number three.  Or ten children, number five.

In any case, particularly with being the second of three, you’re in between the first child, who was the “New Baby,” the new experience for Mom and Dad.  The first-born receives undivided attention, is constantly photographed or put on YouTube.  Everything is a first for this baby.  They benefit from parental attention in every learning aspect.  They know everything first.

Then along comes the next new thing, Baby Number Two.  For awhile, things are good for Baby Number Two, except for perhaps, sibling rivalry.  Everything Mom and Dad loved about having a baby, they’re able to re-experience.  These days, most couples stop there.  But some are some enamored with the next new baby, they decide to have another one.

Which spells trouble for the kid in the Number Two spot.  The first-born’s spot is secure.  Everything is still new for Number One.  They’re still doing all the firsts – first day in nursery school, first day of school, first Tooth Fairy visit, first Halloween.  They did First Christmas, and even if Number Two is the last, it’s still a lost first.

Number three is a lot of work for the Parental Units.  Mom’s happy because she’s got another baby in her arms, while still enjoying all the firsts with the First Born.  With all the work the newcomer entails, there’s no time for picture-taking of Number Two, unless it involves something with Number One, like a birthday.  They’ll still trot out the Video Camera for Number One and if Number Two is lucky, they might get in the shot.  Otherwise, they might as well be part of the wallpaper pattern.

Just as there’s Middle Child Syndrome, we also have Middle Class Syndrome, or Middle Class Child Syndrome.  The wealthy, the first-borns of society have it all.  They either had it handed to them or they were first-born smart and started a business, or worked their way up to success.  The poor are the third babies of Society.  Government needs someone to feel sorry for, to nurture and cherish in its opportunistic arms.  Someone to give them reason for, if not living, for existing.

The wealthy can afford accountants; the poor don’t need them.  Someone has to pay the freight and that someone is the Middle Class.  Middle Class children don’t have the benefit of tutors, private schools and private libraries, and trust funds that pay for their education in the best colleges and universities.  Neither do Poor Children, but their government sponsors, seeking to dismantle Capitalist society, don’t want them, too.   They want to keep them poor, ignorant, resentful, and eminently useful.

The Middle Child is the most likely to be rebellious, or in the Middle Class, at least passively rebellious.  Tired of forever being held up to the intellectual superiority of the elder sibling, who by birth, is naturally several grades ahead, the Middle Class child gives up, and so does the Middle Class. 

That’s why Middle Class parents haven’t raised more of tirade against Common Core, an education system designed to reduce education to the lowest Common Core of knowledge that can be taught and still be considered an education.  The Middle Class has thrown in the towel, to use a cliché, and resigned itself to being Society’s Middle Child.

No more how many times you tell them that they must beware of United Nation’s Agenda 21, they still don’t get it.  The phrase seems to go in one dulled ear and out the other.  Common Core is one part of that United Nation’s Agenda.  So is Smart Growth.  The recent HUD ruling, deeming that every neighborhood must be analyzed to make sure the community has the right mix of races and ethnicities, even if it means violating citizens’ Constitutional Rights, is an example of Smart Growth.

Agenda 21 is “smart” enough to change the names of its programs when the Hounds of Conservatism have caught its scent.  They went silent, like a submarine, on the issue of wind turbines.  Obama recently raised the subject to see if the public’s awareness of this fraudulent scheme has sufficiently subsided to carry on with it.

The government has made it practically illegal for the Middle Class to complain about the lower classes suckling at the government pig on their taxes.  If Pompton Lakes and its neighboring towns carry through with Smart Growth, in its various incarnations and nom de guerres, they will find themselves supporting the illegal immigrant, minority populations at the expense of public services such as infrastructure (that’s roads), waste management, and even law enforcement.  Pompton Lakes will become Paterson, if not Detroit.

That is the legacy of Middle Child syndrome.  Karl Marx detested the Middle Class.  He called the Middle Class the “bourgeoisie.” The term bourgeoisie denotes the social class who owns the means of production and whose societal concerns are the value of property and the preservation of capital, in order to ensure the perdurance of their economic supremacy in society.  Most of us do not own businesses and would not qualify as “bourgeoisie” in Marx’ definition, as far as owning the means of production is concerned.  To the real Middle Class, business owners, be they ever so small, are “the rich.”

But we own property, and that makes us Lower Middle Class.  When Obama says he wants to help the “Middle Class” we’re who he means.  But he’s a liar.  He hates us as much as Marx himself.  He said so in his autobiographies.  His aim is to eliminate ownership of the private family home.  The nuclear family is an obstacle to his aims.

He knows those who already own homes and property are not going to fall for his snake oil salesmanship.  But your children are plums ripe for the picking.  Spoiled, lazy, drug-addled, and brainwashed, they’ll happily give up home ownership for the “ease” of city living.  Nightclubs, discos, and restaurants beckon the young, who still cling to high school and college notions of fraternity.  They haven’t grown up.  They don’t want to grow up.  They haven’t the slightest notion of how to discipline children, having acquired none themselves.  If they only have one or two, or none at all, that’s fine with them.  Chuck them in a warehouse nursery school until they’re old enough for public school and the job of parenthood is done.

The Middle Class Childhood Syndrome Generation, currently being raised, don’t yet see beyond the bright, neon lights of swanky clubs and restaurants.  They don’t see what is lurking in the shadows, ready to rob them of that most precious possession of all – freedom.  They don’t see it, but even if they did, they’ve already been carefully taught to give it away without a fight, generously, even sacrificially, for “the greater good.”

Freedom is selfish.  Consumerism is wasteful.  We must save the planet, even as they hypocritically leave their candy wrappers, water bottles, and liberty in the gutter.  One of the pieces of litter that I’ve been picking up off the streets of Pompton Lakes lately is some advertisement with the American flag printed on it.

One other item I picked up off the sidewalk this morning, in the midst of the business district, was a diaper.  A dirty diaper (it’s a good thing I wear rubber gloves).  Not a souvenir I would want to keep, as I’ve kept others, but the diaper was rather symbolic of what our society has become:  a nation of diaper-clad young adults who simply cast their own waste, or walk over that of the welfare class lest they be considered politically incorrect, not realizing that there’s no one to pick it up, except by chance.  Street cleaning has become machine-oriented, like our politics, programmed, with no intuition for what is garbage and what is not.  Our town street-cleaning machine cannot pick up bottles, cans, or dirty diapers; it can only send them flying into the underbrush where no one sees it or have to bother their conceited heads about it.

If we undertake the permanent care of the underclass (the class, along with teenagers, most responsible for our garbage crisis), there will be no money to even keep the mechanical street sweeper running, much less higher a human street sweeper who can check the underbrush and behind trees on business property where drunks hide their whiskey and beer bottles from sight.  Every cent will go to the underclass and the pension funds of the social services bureaucrats who support them and the law enforcement who try to protect us from them.

The reason there’s so much garbage on the street is that the Middle Class thinks their taxes are paying for someone to clean it up, and so they walk past it.  It’s supposed to be someone else’s job.  If they would take off their I-don’t-like politics blinders, they’d discover that no one is there to look out for their community at all and, in fact, the government is beyond plotting and actually implementing an insidious program to displace the Middle Class entirely.

It takes a dirty diaper to wake up a village.



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