Obama, the Clown

A rodeo clown, the guys (and gals) who distract the bucking bull after it has thrown the cowboy or cowgirl, was banned for life from the Missouri State Fair for wearing an Obama mask.

The clown asked the crown if they wanted to see Obama ‘run down by a bull.’  The crowd cheered but Fair officials dubbed the stunt ‘unconscionable.’  A video of the crowd cheering at the announcement that the Obama clown might be tossed about the bull went viral.

Since when does mocking the President of the United States mandate a life sentence?  Presidents have been mocked since the country was founded.  Cartoonists drew sketches of the lanky, stove-pipe hatted Abraham Lincoln.  Photographers made a sport of mocking Gerald Ford, an athlete in his day and a college football star, anytime he stumbled.  Richard Nixon is mocked to this day, probably deservedly so.

When I was still a chat room warrior and Obama still just a candidate, I used to mock him in the War on Terror room.  “What does he need a jet to fly to Europe for?” I would jibe.  “All he has to do is flap those jumbo ears of his.”  Think of the savings in fuel.  Or, how could he not have heard Jeremiah Wright damning America with ears like that?

Doubtless, the rodeo organizers feared a lawsuit from some black advocacy group like the Southern Poverty Law Center.  How dare you make fun of their president?  The Show-Me State crowd and tourists had no problem with a bull running the Obama Clown down.  The analogies to our severe bear market economy are just too rich.  Watch Obama being tossed about by a bull market economy?  Where can you buy tickets to that show?

Obama is a clown.  Not a very funny one, albeit.  He’s more like the sinister Joker in the Batman movie, set on destroying Gotham City with a painted-on grin.  He made us the laughingstock of the world bowing to every potentate and dictator on Earth.  All that was missing as he bowed to them was the “Kick Me” sign on his back.

Another laugh, early on, was the notion that he was considered an articulate speaker.  Never mind that he stuttered his way through speech after town hall speech or that he needed not one but two teleprompters to keep him on message.  This was the head of the Harvard Law Review?

Then there is his notable weakness in geography.  There are 50 United States, not 57.  Jacksonville, Fla., Savannah, Ga., and Charleston, S.C., are on the Atlantic Coast not the Gulf Coast.  What do you expect from someone who grew up in Hawaii and Indonesia and never set foot in the continental United States until he was an adult?

Obama’s not only a clown but quite the magician.  He magically makes thousands of jobs disappear and claims the unemployment rate is lower.  What he’s done is saw the available work force in half, to part-time positions that cannot provide a working living for an adult with a family.  He pulls Obamacare out of the hat, with the help of Nancy Pelosi, at the time the Speaker of the House, telling us we had to pass the 2,000 page bill before we could read what’s in it. 

He’s very funny as  George Soros’ ventriloquist dummy.  Obama’s mouth moves and Soros’ words come tumbling out.  He’s even been known to cast Karl Marx’ voice, telling Joe the Plumber that we have to ‘redistribute the wealth.’

Obama the Rodeo Clown is a hero to working class America.  In effect, the voice of the American people, fed up with Obama’s agenda to destroy our nation, was heard in that cheering crowd in Missouri.

Bravo, Rodeo Clown.  Bravo.





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