The Innocents of Syria

On the one side, you have Syrian President Bashar Assad whose army is amply supplied with Cold War-era stockpiles of chemical weapons to fight the anti-government rebels, who are increasingly being led by al-Qaeda terrorists.  Assad has links to Iran, Russia, and Hezbollah.

In the middle, you have the women and children of the Damascus suburbs, dead.  Experts can’t confirm whether they died of exposure to sarin gas or to its antidote, atropine, a potentially poisonous compound.  Assad’s regime claims the casualties were in the hundreds only and targeted at small areas.  The rebels insist the casualties are in the thousands and that they have realistic-looking videos of children vomiting as a result of the poison gas.

Still, the Bergen Record took the conservative estimate by the activists at 130 dead.  On the front page is a picture of dead children lined up below a sidewalk in a Damascus suburb, their faces exposed so that their relatives can identify them.

Is this enough of a “red line” for Obama?  The temptation is to say we shouldn’t get involved; let them kill one another, as both sides are terrorists.  Ideally, the children (and their mothers) should be granted asylum in a more peaceful area of the Middle East.  Then, if the men of Syria want to wage war, let them.  But first let the children and their mothers go free.

That’s what Great Britain did in World War II; parents shipped their children out to the countryside, away from the bombings and the killing.  To their credit, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth kept their daughters, Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret with them in London.

All we can do is pray for the little ones of Syria.





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