The Disney Girls De-Generation

During MTV’s Video Music Awards (VMAs) on Sunday evening, any resemblance between Disney girl Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus self-destructed.  The theme appeared to be some sort of spoof on sports events with the lead male singer as a raunchy referee and Miley Cyrus as the head “cheerleader.”

Her performance defies description in a family blog.  She strips down from her quasi-mascot/cheerleader costume, leaving only the ubiquitous “fan finger” which she uses in the most provocative and disgusting manner.

The song she sings is entitled, “We Can’t Stop.”  “It’s our house and we can say what we want; it’s our house and we can do what we want.”  And she, the referee, and the chorus line proceed to do exactly what they want to the cheers of girls in the audience and the silence of the men.  Not all the men looked amused.

But we aren’t supposed to be judgmental.  The performance was aired on cable channel MTV, not exactly known for its wholesome entertainment.  Beyonce is notorious for such lurid dancing.  Jamie Lee Curtis’ bedpole dance was much worse than what Miley did on the MTV performance.  Lady Gaga is certainly no lady and supposedly has put on performances just as lurid.  The difference is YouTube.  No self-respecting parent would watch MTV and no self-respecting teen would allow it.  The cat is out of the bag, however, as to just how pornographic rock music and music videos have become.

Yes, your young, impressionable teenagers are watching this stuff and if you scold or lecture them about it, they’ll “unfriend” you.

Mom saw a clip of the video on the news, possibly the full clip and called me up in outrage.  When she was a young woman in the Thirties and Forties, a lady didn’t go out without her hat and gloves.  Her father came to pick her up one day to go on a trip.  She was wearing a fashionable hair net (which was considered an acceptable substitute for a hat in those days).

“Where’s your hat?” he asked.  “We’re not going anywhere until you put on a hat.”

Then there was the time when Mom bought a pair of red shoes.  She was living with her maternal grandmother.  Her grandmother said, “Only women of ill-repute wear red shoes and dresses.”  Mom wasn’t allowed to go out in public in the red shoes.

Madonna was no lady in her heyday and that was at least 30 years ago.  Maybe people are shocked because Cyrus was a former Disney girl.  Hannah Montana, no less.  So were her predecessors Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Vanessa Hudgens (who rates No. 1 on the ex-Disney Girl website), Anne Hathaway (yeah, she’s got a pin-up picture, in an undone leather corset), Hilary Duff, and probably the biggest disappointment, Britney Spears.

As Disney girls, they were the kind of young women fathers wanted their little girls to grow up to be like.  What a disappointment when they all turned 21 and some chose the road to degeneration.  Some stopped at the pin-up stage, like Ann Hathaway, and went on to good acting roles.  Others, like Lindsay Lohan, went to rehab.

No one expects these young women to don 1950s hats and gloves (unless it’s for a period film).  But couldn’t they at least keep a few clothes on and keep their hands to themselves?




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